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Bridal Veil, Oregon

Looking for the best backpacking in Bridal Veil? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Bridal Veil. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Backpacking Spots in and near Bridal Veil

  • Hood River County, Oregon

    Camp at Elk Meadows

    4.5 mi / 1200 ft gain
    This is a great trip for those who are new to backpacking. The hike to the quiet, peaceful Elk Meadows is relatively short, but the Newton Creek crossing presents enough difficulty to make this a fun and challenging adventure.Start at the Hood River Meadows Trailhead parking lot. Though there are...
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  • Skamania County, Washington

    Indian Heaven to Blue Lake

    6.71 mi / 997 ft gain
    Crowds and mosquitoes were nonexistent as we went a bit early in the season. The trails were all covered in snow, but we were able to do some way finding with a GPS and topo map. 3.5 miles in we found a dry spot next to Blue Lake and set up shop. After dropping off our gear we climbed up Gifford...
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  • Cougar, Washington

    Mount St. Helens Summit via Worm Flows

    10.53 mi / 5725 ft gain
    The Worm Flow Route, starting at Marble Mountain Sno Park, is the most direct winter route up to the summit. You'll start at around 2,700 feet and begin a steady walk along the trail for 2 miles. Although the trail is fairly well marked well above the snow, you'll want to pay attention to the arr...
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  • Cougar, Washington

    Loowit Trail Loop

    32.46 mi / 7014 ft gain
    This is a very difficult hike. Camp sites are scarce and access to water is very limited. Overexposure is a concern so be sure to pack a hat and apply sunscreen frequently. There are sketchy sections of the trail where you will be forced to navigate steep washed out gullies that are unstable due ...
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  • Cougar, Washington

    Mount St. Helens Summit via Monitor Ridge

    8.64 mi / 4652 ft gain
    Monitor Ridge is the "easiest" of the routes one can take in order to claim that they have stood on top of the sleeping giant better known as Mount St. Helens. This route is heavily favored over Worm Flows as the starting elevation is not only an additional 1,000 feet higher but the overall asce...
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  • Lyons, Oregon

    Cedar Flat and Kopetski Trail Loop

    9.62 mi / 958 ft gain
    On Saturday, I slid into the backseat alongside weekend belongings crammed in the car trunk. Backpacks with patches and streaks of dust. Bags of food that could be cooked over the flames of a fire. We drove south on the 5, leaving Portland and crossing through Salem, as Lake Street Dive albums p...
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