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  • Waynesville, Ohio

    Top Spots in and near Waynesville

    • Cincinnati, Ohio

      Walk around Smale Riverfront and Sawyer Point Parks

      2.5 mi / 0 ft gain
      There are numerous parking lots and street parking available around Smale Riverfront Park. Start your walk on the side closest to Paul Brown Stadium (where the Cincinnati Bengals play).  From here you can take a minute to sit on the large swings that look out over the river.  Continuing along the...
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    • Saint Paris, Ohio

      Camp at Kiser Lake

      This pet-friendly park has some great sites for lakeside camping, all on the east-end of the lake, giving campers a great view of the sunset. The sites are near a 'field' of lily pads, and the frog calls that emanate from the area make for a relaxing sound to sleep to. There are few trees lakes...
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    • Richmond, Indiana

      Bike or Run on the Cardinal Greenway

      62 mi
      The Cardinal Greenway has a number of access points within the city of Richmond. The furthest southern access point is off of Test Road just east of the intersection with Abington Pike. There is ample parking here and will allow you to enjoy a short section along the Whitewater River that include...
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    • Peebles, Ohio

      Explore the Great Serpent Mound

      Great Serpent Mound is easy to get to, and the museum nearby has a great little shop and display on the history of the mound and how it came to be found. One of the many interesting features of the mound itself is that it appears to have been designed in such a way as to align itself with the pat...
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