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  • Nebraska

    Carhenge: Alliance, Nebraska Eclipse 2017

    Alliance, Nebraska42.142210, -102.858151August 21, 2017 Since the dawn of time; kings, oracles and philosophers have looked to the heavens in awe. It’s a story old as mankind. Time Shot: 08:18:08 Today, August 21, 2017 — more than 4000 years since the Chinese observed the eclipse of 2136 BC — mi...
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  • Kearney, Nebraska

    Visiting Nebraska's Incredible Great Sandhill Crane Migration

    The sound alone is something you will never forget. Sandhill Cranes have a distinct call, like a soft, high pitched rattle. It's hard to describe, but, think pterodactyl...like it was engineered as a sound effect for a dinosaur movie. And when thousands get together, it creates a massive symphony...
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