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Marion, Montana

Top Spots in and near Marion

  • Kalispell, Montana

    Backpack to Black Lake

    7 mi / 1500 ft gain
    Begin at Camp Misery (elev. 5,717 ft). This is a total misname by the way! It should be titled Camp On The Way To Awesomeness! Anyway, head .6 miles on Trail 8 to the intersection of trail. From here turn right on Trail 68 and hike .7 miles until the intersection where you turn right on Trail 7 f...
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  • Kalispell, Montana

    Backpack to Clayton Lake

    9 mi / 1500 ft gain
    From the Camp Misery Trailhead (elev. 5,717 ft) take the left Trail 8 for .6 miles. At the junction continue left for a 1.3 mile gently ascent into Jewel Basin. Nearing Twin Lakes continue left on Trail 7 for .6 miles until you reach Trail 55. Continue right, and make sure that after a short .3 m...
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  • Martin City, Montana

    Drive around Hungry Horse Reservoir

    About 100 miles of mostly gravel roads (14 miles of pavement) will take you around this beautiful reservoir.  With that many miles of road and the shoreline to go with it, it is obvious that there is plenty to see and do in the Hungry Horse area. Check out some of my other adventures for ideas of...
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  • Thompson Falls, Montana

    Blossom Lakes Trail

    5.73 mi / 1299 ft gain
    Blossom Lakes Trail is an out-and-back trail that takes you by a lake located near Saltese, Montana.
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  • Wallace, Idaho

    Revett Lake

    3.21 mi / 696 ft gain
    Heading out to Revett Lake is a 3.2 mile out-and-back hike near Wallace, Idaho. This is a fairly popular trail with people heading to the lake to fish and to camp. Summer to early fall makes for the best time of year to head out on this trail.  The trail is dog-friendly on leash.  Local Ranger ...
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