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  • Milford Charter Township, Michigan

    Top Spots in and near Milford Charter Township

    • Island Lake Pathway, Michigan

      Paddle the Huron River in the Island Lake Recreation Area

      Park at the Island Lake Picnic Grounds, also known as the Kent Lake parking lot.  Look for a spot on the west end of the parking lot and carry your kayak down to the river – but don’t worry, they have installed a nice little kayak slide to assist you as you walk down the river bank!  Simply, plac...
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    • Brighton, Michigan

      Island Lake Yellow Trail Loop

      5.56 mi / 453 ft gain
      Island Lake Yellow Trail Loop is a loop trail that takes you by a river located near South Lyon, Michigan.
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    • Waterford Township, Michigan

      Paddle the Headwaters of the Clinton River

      The total trip is approximately 2 miles, or 50-90 minutes. Your leisurely trip begins at the Waterford Clinton River Canoe Launch. While some paddlers go downstream and then back upstream to the start, I recommend staging a car or a bike where you end. The end point for this trip is the business ...
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    • 690 South Broad Street, Michigan

      Paddle the Shiawassee Heritage Water Trail

      This adventure begins at Waterworks Park in Holly. There is a parking lot, pedestrian bridge, map, nature lookout, and designated launch at this site. From here to Storm Park in Fenton, it is 7 river miles and will take most paddlers 2-3 hours. The Shiawassee is a slow-moving, warm water river th...
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    • Ann Arbor, Michigan

      Hike Bird Hills Nature Area

      10 mi / 200 ft gain
      Having lived in Michigan and the greater Detroit area for only one year, I'm still constantly looking for the next place to take my mind off the day-to-day work grind. Michigan, the Great Lake State, is certainly not a bad place to be to do so. Roughly one hour outside of Detroit rests Bird Hills...
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    • Ann Arbor, Michigan

      Paddle the Argo Cascades

      This adventure starts at Argo Park. Rent a kayak for $21 (including shuttle service back) or bring your own. Caution: parking can be limited on the busiest summer days, so be sure to check out the overflow lots and shuttles. Check the livery website for hours and additional parking information. ...
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    • Ann Arbor, Michigan

      Paddle Argo Pond

      You can launch from many points along Argo Pond (which is the name of this dammed portion of the Huron River), but the most abundant parking is located at Argo Park, Bandemer Park, or Huron Bridge Park. This is a popular place for paddleboarders, kayakers, canoers, and rafters during the summer. ...
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    • Pinckney, Michigan

      Blind Lake Loop

      10.56 mi / 860 ft gain
      Finding a quiet, relatively secluded place to backpack can be difficult in Southeastern Michigan. However, backpacking at Blind Lake in the Pinckney State Park is a fantastic option for those searching. Blind Lake is accessible by a 7 mile hike in from Silver Lake, but can be approached from seve...
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    • Oakland charter Township, Michigan

      Bald Mountain Recreation Area Loop

      7.14 mi / 571 ft gain
      The main trailhead parking for the north unit is found on the west side of Harmon Rd, just south of Predmore Rd. The north unit consists of a west loop of this parking area (Blue and White trails) and an east loop (Orange trail). While both loops are rugged and scenic, the best loop is following ...
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    • Metamora, Michigan

      Lake Minnawanna Scenic Trail

      4.41 mi / 305 ft gain
      Lake Minnawanna Scenic Trail is a loop trail that takes you by a river located near Metamora, Michigan.
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    • Detroit, Michigan

      Detroit Riverfront

      3.87 mi / 82 ft gain
      Detroit Riverfront is an out-and-back trail that takes you by a river located near Detroit, Michigan.
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    • Windsor, Ontario

      Kayak to Peche Island

      Peche Island, a 100-acre island was purchased by Hiram Walker in 1883. Walker used the island for a summer place, and his buildings included a stable, large home, greenhouse, and icehouse. The property was sold in 1907. The City of Windsor acquired the land from the Province of Ontario in 1999. I...
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    • Laingsburg, Michigan

      Rose Lake Area Loop

      2.79 mi / 167 ft gain
      Rose Lake Area Loop is a loop trail that takes you by a lake located near Haslett, Michigan.
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