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Dubuque, Iowa

Top Lodging in and near Dubuque

  • Potosi, Wisconsin

    Grant River

    Overview Spread along the banks of the Upper Mississippi River, the Grant River Campground, located in the "Catfish Capital of Wisconsin," is a modern campground that offers a plethora of outdoor and recreational activities.Recreation The famous fishing on the Mississippi River draws crowds of an...
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  • Hanover, Illinois

    Blanding Landing

    Overview Blanding Landing is situated in a lush river valley on the east bank of the great Mississippi, just 13 miles from Galena, Illinois. Rich deposits of minerals line the landscape. In the early 19th century, miners from around the globe flocked to the area in search of wealth from miner...
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  • Thomson, Illinois

    Thomson Causeway

    Overview Thomson Causeway provides the unique experience of island camping on the great Mississippi River and it's well worth a try! The western edge of the recreation area offers visitors an unobstructed view of the widest spot on the Upper Mississippi River Basin, 3.5 miles from shore-to-shore....
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