Lowman, Idaho

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Top Backpacking Spots in and near Lowman

  • Lowman, Idaho

    Hell Roaring Creek Trail to Hell Roaring Lake

    11.16 mi / 787 ft gain
    Hell Roaring Creek Trail in Lowman, Idaho, is a moderately challenging hiking trail that stretches for about 11.16 miles. The trail features a steady elevation gain of 787 feet, making it suitable for intermediate hikers. The trail leads to the stunning Hell Roaring Lake, a high-altitude body of ...
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  • Stanley, Idaho

    Born Lakes via 4th of July Lake Trailhead

    8.17 mi / 1736 ft gain
    Due to it's higher-than-average starting point, many backpackers use this trailhead to access the remote parts of the Boulder-White Cloud wilderness. The trailhead for this hike, nestled at 8850', is readily accessible by Prius and Jeep alike as the gravel road is well maintained, notwithstanding...
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  • Stanley, Idaho

    Hike to 4th of July Lake

    3.6 mi / 900 ft gain
    This is an easy, yet breathtakingly beautiful hike. After the fun adventure of the 10.2 mile extra bumpy dirt road to the trail head the hike in is simple. 4 Wheel drive and a spare tire are advised, I got a flat. The drive in through old burned forest area is a cool drive on its own. At the end ...
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