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Leadore, Idaho

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Top Lodging in and near Leadore

  • Leadore, Idaho

    Meadow Lake Campground

    Overview Meadow Lake Campground is located on the Leadore Ranger District of the Salmon-Challis National Forest. This high alpine campground sits at an elevation of 9,160 feet in the Lemhi Mountain Range, 22 miles from Leadore, Idaho.Recreation There's no lack of recreational opportunities around...
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  • Dillon, Montana

    Horse Prairie Cabin

    Overview Horse Prairie Cabin is a fairly large, two-room cabin situated on the edge of beautiful Horse Prairie in the southwestern corner of Montana. Forest service work crews used the cabin for lodging in the past. The cabin is available year-round and provides access to abundant hiking, bik...
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  • Mackay, Idaho

    Loristica Group Campground

    Overview Loristica Group Campground is located in a wooded meadow high in the Lost Creek Range, in eastern Idaho. It sits at an elevation of 8,100 feet. Visitors come to the area for its great trail opportunities and scenic beauty. Recreation Two trailheads can be accessed within a mile of the ca...
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  • Dillon, Montana

    Bloody Dick Cabin

    Overview Bloody Dick Cabin, named after the English Trapper Richard "Bloody" Leigh, is a small wood frame cabin. Nestled in the evergreens near Reservoir Lake in Southwestern Montana's Bitterroot Mountains - the cabin is available for rental year-round. Popularity peaks during the summer and ...
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  • Dillon, Montana

    Henneberry House

    Overview This historic cabin, built in 1905, is located approximately 14 miles south of Dillon, Montana, on the banks of the Beaverhead River. The cabin provides access to a variety of outdoor recreational activities on adjacent public lands. The cabin and surrounding lands are managed by the Bu...
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