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Irwin, Idaho

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Top Lodging in and near Irwin

  • Moran, Wyoming

    Signal Mountain Lodge (Grand Teton NP)

    In the heart of Grand Teton National Park, stay with us at Signal Mountain Lodge & Marina, the only lakefront accommodation in the park. Enjoy a variety of lodging opportunities, from cozy one-room mountain cabin units to suite-style units with kitchenettes and amazing views of the Grand Teto...
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  • Bondurant, Wyoming

    Hoback Guard Station

    Overview Hoback Guard Station was built in 1935 by the CCC to be used as a working Ranger Station, and is considered eligible to the National Register of Historic Places. About 34 miles from Jackson, Wyoming, This guard station beckons guests who want a scenic backcountry experience with the co...
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  • Alta, Wyoming

    Squirrel Meadows Cabin

    Overview Squirrel Meadows Cabin is located 24 miles east of Ashton, Idaho, just off the Ashton-Flagg Ranch Road. The current cabin was built in 1934, but the site has been used for administrative purposes since 1907. It's listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Only one other cabin in...
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  • Auburn, Idaho

    Johnson Guard Station

    Overview Johnson Guard Station is located 30 miles east of Soda Springs, Idaho, on a site that was established in 1910. The current building was constructed in 1934, and is named after James J. Johnson, who served as ranger of the Georgetown Ranger District from 1907-1913. It's been used for vari...
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  • Auburn, Idaho

    Diamond Creek Guard Station

    Overview Diamond Creek Guard Station is located 30 miles east of Soda Springs, Idaho. The current building was constructed in the early 1990â??s as a snowmobile warming hut. The cabin is accessible by car in warmer months and by snowmobile in winter. The cabin provides a few conveniences; however...
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  • Ashton, Idaho

    Warm River

    Overview Warm River Campground is located on its namesake in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest of southwestern Idaho. Visitors love the campground for its river tubing opportunities. Fishing and hiking are popular as well. Recreation Warm River is a popular location for tubing and fishing. Angl...
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