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Cascade, Idaho

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Top Spots in and near Cascade

  • Lowman, Idaho

    Marten Lake and Kelly Lake

    9.16 mi / 1434 ft gain
    The Sawtooth mountain range consists of hundreds, maybe thousands, of small, crystal clear lakes. Because of the sheer number of lakes, there are many destinations where the foot traffic is considerably low. Most weekend packers will stick to the familiar: they find themselves hiking to Sawtooth ...
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  • McCall, Idaho

    Hike to Loon Lake

    10 mi / 3355 ft gain
    This pretty simple hike is just outside of Burgdorf, though it is fun enough that my friends and I hike it every year. The trailhead starts out at Chinook Campground where there is free parking if you are making the hike; you can also camp there for a small fee. There are two trails you can take ...
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Idaho is a picturesque state filled with beautiful scenery and warm, wonderful people. It's an ideal destination for family travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, adventure seekers, or those just looking for a relaxing getaway.

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