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    Enjoy the Sunshine State's incredible beaches, or take an adventure within the unique ecosystem of the Everglades. Find great, diving, swimming, hiking and more.

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    Top Spots in and near Florida

    • Homosassa, Florida

      Photograph Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

      1.1 mi / 0 ft gain
      Homosassa Spring State parks showcases native Florida wildlife including the manatees which can be seen from an underwater observatory in the main spring. Other animals you will see will include black bears, panthers, bobcats, flamingos, alligators, American crocodiles, river otters and many diff...
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    • Vernon, Florida

      Freedive at Cypress Spring

      Cypress Spring is only accessible by water due to it being surrounded by private property, so bring your canoe, kayak, SUP, or boat to one of the many landings along Holmes Creek. The shortest and easiest way to get to the spring is to launch your vessel at Cotton Landing. From there, it is a sho...
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    • Ochopee, Florida

      Paddle The Everglades' Wilderness Waterway

      The Wilderness Waterway in the Everglades National Park can be navigated either by kayak or canoe. This is an endurance voyage that typically takes upwards of 10 days if you are solo-canoeing. The voyage can take significantly less time if using a kayak or a multi-person powered canoe. This route...
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    • Naples, Florida

      Kayak Camp on Panther Key

      To reach Panther Key, kayaking and navigation of the tides and mangrove islands is a necessity. The Everglades National Park ranger station in Everglades City is the closest put-in point for kayaks, and from there its a 12 mile paddle to Panther Key.This is a great adventure on which to visit mul...
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    • Lake Wales, Florida

      Hike the Gobbler Ridge Trail

      2.8 mi
      I'm not sure why this trail is called Gobbler Ridge. I do understand the Gobbler part as there are wild turkeys in the park. However, I don't think there is a ridge in all of Florida! Anyway, this is a nice trail about 2.8 miles long marked with green blazes. The trailhead is from the south end o...
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    • Saint Augustine Beach, Florida

      Bike the Beaches of Saint Augustine

      5 mi / 50 ft gain
      Park at one of the many beach parking lots to the north of downtown St Augustine. A great place to start is the parking lot at the corner of 1st Lane and the A1A.Head toward the edge of the water, where the beach is compact and flat. Especially when the tide is out, there is plenty of packed sand...
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    • Christmas, Florida

      Paddle the St. Johns River from East Orlando

      Paddling along the St. Johns river is the perfect relaxing escape that lets you see the real Florida.  Bring your Kayak, Canoe, or SUP to explore on one of the few rivers worldwide that flows North.  Just 45 minutes from Downtown Orlando, this adventure is great for someone who either wants to se...
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    • Palmetto Bay, Florida

      Watch the Sunrise at the Deering Estate People's Dock

      The Deering Estate is a magnificent and historic property with a home built in 1900.  To see the house and check out its immediate property, you will need to pay to enter the gates.  However, just 50 yards south of the entry to the Estate is a small service road that leads down to the "People's D...
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    • 5271 Florida 19, Florida

      Kayak Silver Glen Springs

      Silver Glen Springs is a popular recreational area that has many activities for the entire family. Located in Ocala National Forrest this park sits on a spring leading out to Lake George. You are able rent Kayaks on site and are able to rent them for as long as you would like. There is also a des...
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    • Lake Wales, Florida

      Hike the Buster Island Loop

      6.7 mi
      The Buster Island Loop hike is the longest hike in the park at 6.7 miles. It is completely flat and easy hike that goes through a varied landscape. The trail starts from the north side of the parking lot (only one parking area). Follow the blue connector trail a short way to a road. Here you will...
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    • Silver Springs, Florida

      Paddle Silver Springs State Park

      Silver Springs State Park is rich with history dating back to the 1500’s when it was first settled by the Timucua Indians. This area has also been explored by the Spanish and was once a settlement of the Seminole Indians.  Native American relics can be seen at the museum located in the park or wh...
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    • Vero Beach, Florida

      Kayak Round Island

      Florida receives plenty of attention from tourists, but rarely is it for its outdoor recreation. However, the intercoastal waterways that run up and down much of the state are fantastic places to grab a kayak and hit the water on a sunny afternoon (they get a lot of those). Round Island Beach Par...
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    • 700-898 South Orlando Avenue, Florida

      Paddle Board to Dog Island

      Starting at Fort Maitland Park, free entrance and parking, unload your water transport unto the designated area. Be mindful of other people as this is a popular spot to unload big boats as well as small crafts. In general, it is easy to get out of the bay made by the lake on this particular spot,...
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    • Oakland Park, Florida

      Frisbee Golf at Easterlin Park

      Easterlin Park's 18-hole disk golf is the perfect balance of challenge and fun for all skill levels. And it is FREE. The course is one of the first to open in South Florida but every hole is very well marked. You can find a pdf of the course map and scorecard here. Expect lots of beautiful cypres...
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    • Venus, Florida

      Hike the Florida Scrub Nature Trail at Archbold Research Station

      2 mi
      The Archbold Research station has plenty to see as they have a visitor center with exhibits, but the main attraction for me is the great nature trail that takes you through a very unique habitat called Florida Scrub. In this habitat you find a diverse amount of wildlife that is only found in thes...
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    • Belleair, Florida

      Bike the Clearwater Causeways

      15.44 mi / 325 ft gain
      We started near the Bellair Golf Course and went south. When you go along the golf course, watch for pikas, coyotes, and fox.  It is a good idea to head South first, so that the winds propel you forward in the second half of your ride. We went down Indian Rocks Road and rode by the ocean - the ne...
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