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  • North Stonington, Connecticut

    Top Spots in and near North Stonington

    • Southampton, New York

      Paddle Peconic Bay

      While there are many ways to access the Peconic Bay, I have found the best direction to explore is north west after launching and during the sunset. If you head to the public beach on Towd Point Rd. you can launch from there and make your way out toward Robins Island. Like most places the water i...
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    • Meriden, Connecticut

      Higby Mountain Trail

      2.11 mi / 486 ft gain
      The popular route for this hike is to park your car at the base of the trail which is located right before merging onto 91-S in Middlefield, CT. The parking lot does seem to get crowded mid-day, especially if the weather is nice!  The beginning of the hike is mostly flatter land and an incline w...
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    • Dartmouth, Massachusetts

      Hike Frank Knowles–Little River Reserve Trail

      4 mi / 295 ft gain
      Frank Knowles-Little River Reserve contains nearly 9 miles of hiking trails to explore. Start off by parking in the white sea shell parking lot. From there you will find the trail marked by a DNRT sign . My group and I walked along the red/boardwalk trail which features a number of boardwalks lea...
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    • Sutton, Massachusetts

      Hike the Purgatory Chasm Trail

      1 mi / 115 ft gain
      For this 1-mile hike, you can park at the Purgatory Chasm Visitor Center. From there hit the trail and explore the unusual gap between the tall granite walls, which might be adorned with climbers. Great for all ages and dogs are welcome too. The trail is open March-November.
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    • Berlin, Connecticut

      Hike the Ragged Mountain Memorial Preserve

      5.5 mi / 560 ft gain
      Ragged Mountain main loop is approximately 5.5 miles long, and is known for its expansive bare-rock vistas, vertical cliff faces, and scenic views overlooking cliff-side reservoirs and ponds.  The trail is rated moderate, with some flat stretches among the trees, mixed with some uneven rocky foot...
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    • Meriden, Connecticut

      Hike the Metacomet, Blue, and Yellow Loop

      4.5 mi / 976 ft gain
      Start from the Castle Craig road entrance. Walk until you're greeted by a beautiful reservoir. You'll notice the strange but beautiful Mine Island in the middle of all this. You'll also notice markers for White Trails and Yellow Trails. The White Trail is an easier/wider trail. The Yellow Trail C...
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