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Park County, Colorado

Top Spots in and near Park County

  • Parshall, Colorado

    Snowshoe Butler Gulch

    5 mi / 1500 ft gain
    In fall, winter and spring, the trail is covered in snow, which makes it ideal for backcountry skiing and snowshoeing. The trail becomes indistinguishable after the first mile or two, but usually you can follow previous skiers' tracks up the mountainside.What you miss in wildflowers or mine sight...
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  • Parshall, Colorado

    Camp at Jones Pass

    To locate these campsites all you have to do is type in Jones Pass Road into google maps or your iPhone and it will take you straight there. There are road signs once you get off I-70 that will help you the rest of the way that say Jones Pass. Once you hit the dirt road and pass the Jones Pass Tr...
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  • U.S. 40, Colorado

    Parry Peak

    11.82 mi / 4209 ft gain
    The trek to Parry Peak crosses three other peaks (Colorado Mines Peak, Mt. Flora, and Mt. Eva) along the Rocky Mountains. Begin your hike around sunrise as inclement weather often rolls in during the late afternoon. The trail is extremely rocky and steep.  From the Berthoud Pass parking lot, fol...
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  • Berthoud Pass Parking Lot, Colorado

    Mount Flora

    6.29 mi / 1788 ft gain
    Colorado’s Rocky Mountains offer hikes of all lengths, sizes and difficulties. Mt. Flora stands at a lofty 13,146 ft and is a great intro to climbing peaks in Colorado. Roundtrip, this hike is 6.3 miles and will take you (in the summer) through fields of alpine wildflowers as you climb into Color...
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  • Winter Park, Colorado

    Snowshoe Mount Flora

    6.2 mi / 1738 ft gain
    My friend Austin and I hiked up to Mt Flora last year on what was probably the coldest day ever. Ever? It was 9 degrees at the Berthoud Pass parking lot and we had 32mph winds nearly the whole way. We estimated the temp to be around -28ºF with the windchill... brrrr!DirectionsFrom the Berthoud Pa...
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  • Berthoud Pass, Colorado

    Ski or Snowboard Berthoud Pass Colorado

    Berthoud Pass is 55 miles from Denver making it one of the closest places to get out and backcountry tour in the winter. At 11,370 Berthoud Pass crosses the continental divide. From the top of the pass you can do shuttle runs down the south side of the pass. Or, you can venture on the East or Wes...
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