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Ventura, California

Looking for the best hiking in Ventura? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Ventura. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Hiking Spots in and near Ventura

  • Santa Rosa Campground

    East Point via the Coastal Road

    13.76 mi / 486 ft gain
    One could a lifetime exploring, and attempting to describe, the beauty of the Channel Islands National Park and Santa Rosa Island in particular: its wildly diverse terrain, endemic flora and fauna, and also the only of the Islands to allow backcountry beach camping. While the opportunities for di...
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  • Lake Hughes, California

    Hike the Pacific Crest Trail from Horse Trail to Bear Campground

    11.63 mi / 2396 ft gain
    This is part of the Pacific Crest Trail. If you're through-hiking or sectional hiking, you'll have to hit it eventually. Try and avoid it in the late summer or early fall because of heat, and gnats. Find a way to check the bug report, we got marauded by gnats 90% of the way (early October) and ap...
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  • Santa Clarita, California

    Hike to Saint Francis Dam Disaster National Monument

    3.2 mi / 153 ft gain
    The Saint Francis Dam Disaster National Monument, established in 2019, memorializes the site where the Saint Francis Dam, built by famed engineer William Mulholland, collapsed in 1929, tragically killing more than 400 people in the middle of the night as a 150+ foot wave of water crashed through ...
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  • Santa Monica, California

    Santa Monica Pier, Boardwalk, and Beach Trail

    3.33 mi / 20 ft gain
    The Santa Monica Pier, Boardwalk, and Beach Trail in Santa Monica, California, offers a unique blend of coastal and urban hiking. The trail is a flat, paved 3.33-mile loop that is suitable for all skill levels. It starts at the Santa Monica Pier, a historic landmark known for its Ferris wheel and...
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  • San Fernando, California

    Pacoima Park Natural Wash Park

    0.54 mi / 13 ft gain
    Pacoima Park Natural Wash Park makes for a wonderful & pleasant walk. The entrance to the park is located at the corner of Newton St and 8th St and runs up to Foothill Blvd in San Fernando California. The park is ADA accessible and allows for dogs on leash. There are also picnic tables and dr...
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  • Bakersfield, California

    Hike the San Emigdio Trail in the Wind Wolves Preserve

    5 mi / 200 ft gain
    This area is a family friendly hiking area for beginners. The farthest place to hike on the map is call Reflection Pond and is about a 7 mile hike out and back. The main trail called San Emigdio Trail runs right next to a stream the whole time. It is a really nice area for a day hike to find some...
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