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Redlands, California

For the best trails and outdoor activities in Redlands, California, the top must-visit is the Santa Ana River Trail. This scenic path stretches for nearly 50 miles, offering a mix of flat, paved areas and challenging, rocky terrain. It's perfect for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. Along the trail, you'll come across the iconic Seven Oaks Dam, a massive concrete structure that's a sight to behold. For water activities, the Santa Ana River is a great spot for kayaking and fishing. Another notable feature is the San Bernardino National Forest, which the trail cuts through. With its towering trees and diverse wildlife, it's a treat for outdoor adventurers. In and near Redlands, these outdoor attractions provide a unique blend of physical challenge and natural beauty.

Top Spots in and near Redlands

  • La Verne, California

    Cattle Canyon Trail

    6.7 mi / 1066 ft gain
    Within the San Gabriel Mountains from Highway 39 and along East Fork Road is Cattle Canyon. To go through Cattle Canyon, you can access the trail head just south of the Bridge to Nowhere trail head along East Fork Road right after it intersects with Glendora Mountain Road. There is a small parkin...
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  • Palm Springs, California

    Climb at the Tramway of Mount San Jacinto

    John Muir once wrote, "The view from San Jacinto is the most sublime spectacle to be found anywhere on this earth!" So it's no surprise that this is a sought after destination for hikers and climbers alike.  Named after the fact that most climbers use the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to reach this...
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  • Palm Springs, California

    Winter Climb San Jacinto from the Tram

    8 mi / 2400 ft gain
    Intermediate: No snow.Advanced: Lots of snow.Expert: Snow w/ high winds and low temps. GPX: https://www.gaiagps.com/datasu... San Jacinto, at 10,834 feet, is the second-highest peak in the Southern California. It's unique in that it has a rotating tram car (think slow motion disco floor) that r...
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  • Palm Springs, California

    Scramble Cornell Peak

    3.5 mi / 1000 ft gain
    Entering Mt San Jacinto State Park via the Palm Springs Aerial Tram is one of the easiest ways to get into the wilderness area.  Purchase your ticket and ride to the station where you'll be able to walk out the backdoor and onto the trail. In order to get to Cornell, your route finding skills wil...
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  • Trabuco Canyon, California

    The Luge: Santiago Truck Trail Loop

    7.46 mi / 1371 ft gain
    The Luge: Santiago Truck Trail Loop is a loop trail that takes you through a nice forest located near Lake Forest, California.
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  • Anaheim, California

    Oak Canyon Bluebird and Wren Trail

    1.42 mi / 187 ft gain
    The Oak Canyon Bluebird and Wren Trail features beautiful wildflowers and is accessible year-round. The trail is well kept and offers lots of shady spots. The first portion of this hike will take you up a hill, and then to a fork. One direction will take you around a reservoir and another will ta...
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  • Desert Hot Springs, California

    Mission Creek Trail

    15.33 mi / 1594 ft gain
    Mission Creek Trail is an out-and-back trail that takes you by a river located near Whitewater, California.
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  • Wrightwood, California

    Snow Hike Lightning Ridge

    5.1 mi / 900 ft gain
    When you hear the report about snow in the San Gabriels, it's time to plan this hike!Only a short 90 minute drive is all that separates nearly a third of California's population from high-altitude snowy adventures. This isn't about Yosemite, but Southern California's very own San Gabriel Mountain...
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  • Pioneertown, California

    Pioneertown to Big Bear via Burns Canyon Road and 2N02

    18.8 mi / 3287 ft gain
    The Pioneertown to Big Bear trail via Burns Canyon Road and 2N02 is a unique hiking route in Pioneertown, California. This trail is known for its diverse terrain and stunning views. The trail starts in the historic Pioneertown and winds its way up to Big Bear, a popular mountain resort. The tra...
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  • Llano, California

    Table Mountain Campground

    Table Mountain Campground is a hilly campground that offers ADA-accessible sites, pit toilets, fire rings, picnic tables, BB! grill, water, and parking spaces for a two-car limit. Rules are strictly enforced, which is great, so we can enjoy nature and not someone’s party/music. Book your campgro...
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  • Valyermo, California

    Blue Ridge Trail via Inspiration Point

    4.97 mi / 692 ft gain
    There are two trail heads for the Blue Ridge Trail, one via the Grassy Hollow Visitor Center, and the other across from Inspiration Point. When parking gets crowded over at Grassy Hollow Visitor Center, than parking at Inspiration Point is the better option. To access the Blue Ridge Trail from In...
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  • Pioneertown, California

    Indian Trail Loop at Pipe's Canyon

    6.16 mi / 892 ft gain
    Indian Trail Loop at Pipe's Canyon is a loop trail where you may see beautiful wildflowers located near Pioneertown, California.
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  • Lake Forest, California

    Hike Borrego Canyon to Red Rock Canyon Trails

    4.2 mi / 500 ft gain
    Just south east of the city of Irvine, on the southern end of Orange County, is the scenic Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park. Don't let the newly developed shopping centers restaurants fool you, because just beyond the parking lot ($3 Daily Use Fee) of the Borrego Canyon Trailhead, you will find your...
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  • Mountain Center, California

    Apache Peak Trail

    9.4 mi / 2966 ft gain
    Apache Peak Trail is an out-and-back trail where you may see wildflowers located near Mountain Center, California.
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  • Palm Springs, California

    North Lykken Trail from W. Crescent Drive

    1.67 mi / 906 ft gain
    North Lykken Trail from W. Crescent Drive is an out-and-back trail that takes you past scenic surroundings located near Palm Springs, California.
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  • Azusa, California

    Bighorn Mine Trail

    3.69 mi / 607 ft gain
    If you decide to head over to Wrightwood for some skiing during the winter, make sure to get a hike in while you’re at it. There are several trail systems along the Angeles Crest Highway (Hwy 2), and one of them is scenic Big Horn Mine Trail. The end point of the hike is the historic and abandone...
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