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Orleans, California

Top Spots in and near Orleans

  • Crescent City, California

    Battery Point Lighthouse

    0.5 mi / 13 ft gain
    Battery Point Lighthouse is an out-and-back trail where you may see local wildlife located near Crescent City, California.
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  • Gazelle, California

    Hike the Fen Trail at Kangaroo Lake

    The Fen Trail around Kangaroo Lake is a beautiful secluded camping and hiking area in the Klamath Forest of Northern California. It connects to the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), where you can hike up through Oregon and Washington to Canada, or south through to Yosemite.The trailhead starts at the Ka...
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  • Trinity Center, California

    Backpack Stony Ridge in the Trinity Alps

    16.5 mi / 4500 ft gain
    The Trinity Alps has miles and miles of beautiful trails, but one of the more stunning sections is the Four Lakes Loop. There are two main trail heads that access the trail. Long Canyon Trail and Stony Ridge Trail both are both beautiful but Stony Ridge is the more popular route yet strenuous. To...
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  • Trinity Center, California

    Camp at Hayward Flat on Trinity Lake

    We drove all around Trinity Lake and this was the best campground we found! Located right on Trinity Lake you will find Hayward Flat Campground.  From Weaverville California you will follow highway 3 north about 20 miles. Then take a right on Hayward Flat road two miles. Boom, you are there.  The...
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