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  • Mountain Center, California

    Mountain Center, California is the spot for the best trails and outdoor activities. The Pacific Crest Trail, a long-distance hiking trail, is a top pick. It offers scenic views of rock formations and the San Jacinto River. The trail is challenging, but the sight of Lake Hemet, a must-visit, is rewarding. For a less strenuous hike, the Cahuilla Tewanet Vista Point provides a panoramic view of the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains. If you're up for outdoor adventures, try horseback riding at the Garner Valley Equestrian Center. Near Mountain Center, visit the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, a unique attraction with desert animals and plants. Enjoy the best of Mountain Center's outdoors!

    Top Spots in and near Mountain Center

    • Riverside County, California

      Dispersed Camp at Old Dale Mining District

      It can be a pain to try and camp in Joshua Tree. Most of the sites get reserved way in advance and if you are looking for privacy or a quiet area, it's not going to happen.  But you can camp outside the park on BLM land and there is a great place to do this, it's called Old Dale Mining district. ...
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    • Angelus Oaks, California

      San Bernardino Peak

      15.82 mi / 4911 ft gain
      The San Bernadino Peak Trail out of Angelus Oaks is a very challenging hike, which can either be done as a day hike or an overnight trip. Free permits are required for day hiking and overnights in the San Gorgonio Wilderness. These permits can be accessed via Sgwa.org/permits.  If you choose to ...
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    • Forest Falls, California

      Summit Mt. San Bernardino from Angelus Oaks

      16 mi / 4775 ft gain
      The trailhead is somewhat 'interesting' to get to given the dirt roads are in questionable shape and some of the roads in Angelus Oaks are not easily identifiable but I didn't have any problems finding it by closely following Google Maps.    Trailhead parking requires an Adventure Pass parking pe...
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    • Descanso, California

      Green Valley Falls

      0.36 mi / 98 ft gain
      Green Valley Falls is an out-and-back trail that takes you by a waterfall located near Descanso, California.
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