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  • Montgomery Creek, California

    Montgomery Creek, California, is a top spot for outdoor adventures with its scenic hiking trails. The best trails and outdoor activities include the Montgomery Creek Trail, a must-visit for its unique natural features. The trail offers moderate difficulty, making it suitable for most hikers. As you walk, you'll see the clear rushing waters of Montgomery Creek, impressive rock formations, and a variety of local flora and fauna. Nearby, the Fall River Valley offers excellent fishing opportunities and breathtaking views. For those interested in bird-watching, the Pit River is a prime location to spot local bird species. These outdoor attractions in and near Montgomery Creek make it a great destination for a day of exploration and adventure.

    Top Spots in and near Montgomery Creek

    • Mount Shasta, California

      Winter Summit Black Butte

      5 mi / 2000 ft gain
      Note: February thru early March are great times to climb it for a winter ascent without snowshoes. If there is no snow seen from the south (e.g. on I-5 heading north to Mount Shasta City), don't be too worried. As long as there is snow on the surrounding peaks (e.g. Trinity Alps) around the same ...
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    • Trinity Center, California

      Camp at Hayward Flat on Trinity Lake

      We drove all around Trinity Lake and this was the best campground we found! Located right on Trinity Lake you will find Hayward Flat Campground.  From Weaverville California you will follow highway 3 north about 20 miles. Then take a right on Hayward Flat road two miles. Boom, you are there.  The...
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    • Lassen County, California

      Backpack the Caribou Wilderness Lakes Loop

      12 mi
      The caribou lakes loop is very laid back, making it a great start for first time backpackers and kids. Word of caution: in the summer the mosquitos are plenty, I'd recommend this loop for the fall. From the parking lot there is a visible sign pointing you in the direction of the trailhead near Ca...
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    • Siskiyou County, California

      Climb Mt. Shasta via the Hotlum-Bolam Ridge

      10 mi / 7200 ft gain
      The Hotlum-Bolam route follows the ridge between the Hotlum and Bolam Glaciers on Shasta's north side. It's an intermediate route that isn't much more technical than the south side routes, except for icy sections and possible late-season open crevasses. For this reason it's a popular alternative ...
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    • Trinity Center, California

      Backpack to Bear Basin and The Four Lakes Loop

      30.1 mi
      Day 1 Swift Creek Trail Head to Bear BasinThe trip begins at the Swift Creek trailhead in the Trinity Alps Wilderness. Permits are very easy to get, just stop by the Ranger station in Weaverville, CA. They are free and can be self-issued in front of the ranger station, or you can go in if you wou...
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    • Trinity Center, California

      Stoddard Lake

      7.01 mi / 1325 ft gain
      The trail is a bit rocky, so wear sturdy hiking boots or trail runners. While your elevation gain is only 800 total, you will travel upwards of 1,982ft in elevation given the ups and downs of the trail. At mile 1.75, there is a spring that feeds into a large meadow. At mile 3, there is another sp...
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    • Pacific Crest Trail, California

      Hike or Backpack the Dead Falls Lake Trail

      8.1 mi / 1358 ft gain
      The Dead Falls Lake Trail is perfect for families, dog, and all adventurers. In the spring and summer, there are gorgeous and abundant wildflowers. There is a perfect lunch spot at Deadfall Lake.  Close to the gargantuan Shasta, Mount Eddy is the highest peak in the Klamath Mountain. Mount Eddy o...
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    • Trinity Center, California

      Backpack Stony Ridge in the Trinity Alps

      16.5 mi / 4500 ft gain
      The Trinity Alps has miles and miles of beautiful trails, but one of the more stunning sections is the Four Lakes Loop. There are two main trail heads that access the trail. Long Canyon Trail and Stony Ridge Trail both are both beautiful but Stony Ridge is the more popular route yet strenuous. To...
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    • Tehama County, California

      Explore Deer Creek Falls

      0.5 mi
      This extremely short hike starts just off of Highway 32. From Chester, head southwest on 32 for roughly 21 miles. There is a turnout and a sign where the trail starts. This waterfall is best viewed in the spring when there is still a large amount of snow melt off. This waterfall is definitely not...
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