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Laguna Beach, California

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Top Stories in and near Laguna Beach

  • The Mountains Are Calling, and I Let It Go to Voicemail

    I’ve probably spent more time on my couch in the last 4 weeks than in the previous 4 months combined. My hard-earned rock climbing calluses have disappeared, my tent is sitting unused in the basement, and my Bedrock Sandals tan line is nowhere to be seen. I want nothing more than to escape the mo...
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  • Los Angeles, California

    The Dawn Mine Loop Trail (or how to train for backpacking last minute)

    In two weeks I’ll be heading to the great Pacific Northwest to backpack the legendary Wonderland Trail—a 9 day, 93 mile jaunt around Mt. Rainier with tons (and tons) of elevation change.  Naturally, it wasn’t until about a week ago I started thinking, “huh... maybe I should start preparing for th...
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  • Los Angeles, California

    The 7 Best Spring Hikes In Los Angeles

    Everyone needs an occasional break from the rat race and traffic that comes with living in Los Angeles and we have just the escape you need. Celebrate the coming of spring with these short but rewarding hikes, all within an hour of downtown. From exploring hidden caves on the beach, to strolling ...
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  • #LAsucksforcycling -but- #LAsucksfordrivingmore

    In college I drove nearly 2 hours each way from Orange County to an internship in Pasadena. I hated it. Upon further reflection, I didn’t hate the internship so much as I hated getting to the internship. Earlier this year I (re)discovered my love of the bicycle and started bike commuting a few d...
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  • Cub House Birthday Ride

    Up until Saturday this was an activity I primarily did solo, but it turns out there are a bunch of other people who think grinding up fire roads in the Angeles National Forest is a good way to spend a Saturday too. Bikes bikes bikes I’ve lived just up the street from The Cub House (@itsnotabikesh...
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  • Reservation Permits Needed To Reopen Trails Responsibly, Says Steve Gerhardt

    I got the chance to chat with Steve Gerhardt of Walk Long Beach this week. Steve’s passion for the outdoors is undeniable when you hear the way he talks about trails, hiking, and accessibility. His nonprofit is dedicated to increasing the walkability of Long Beach, and he’s one of the most knowle...
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Laguna Beach

Hike gorgeous ridgelines, play in the waves, or simply meander through the jaw-dropping coastline, Laguna Beach is a memorable destination for artists and adventurers alike. 

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