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Gasquet, California

Top Lodging in and near Gasquet

  • Siskiyou County, California

    Tree Of Heaven Campground

    Overview Tree of Heaven Campground is situated next to the Klamath Wild and Scenic River, making it popular with whitewater boaters and anglers. Visitors also enjoy birding and hiking along an interpretive trail. Recreation Fishing, birding, and whitewater boating on the class II-III Klamath Rive...
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  • Fort Jones, California

    Indian Scotty Group Site

    Overview Indian Scotty Group Site is located next to the Wild and Scenic Scott River in Klamath National Forest. Visitors enjoy swimming, tubing, whitewater boating. and fishing on the river. Several trailheads for the Marble Mountains Wilderness are nearby.Recreation During summer, when flows in...
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  • Applegate, Oregon

    Squaw Peak Lookout

    Overview Squaw Peak Lookout was constructed in 1942. It is an L-4 style cabin, and is on the National Historic Site Registry. The lookout is surrounded by glass windows on all sides, providing visitors with an unparalleled view of the steep drop-offs and breath-taking views of the rugged Siskiyo...
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  • Forks of Salmon, California

    Nordheimer Group Sites

    Overview Nordheimer Group Sites sit near the Salmon River in the expansive Klamath National Forest of northern California. Visitors enjoy whitewater rafting, fishing and boating activities. Recreation The Salmon River is a popular area for swimming and sunbathing, rafting and kayaking. The region...
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