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Chino Hills, California

Chino Hills, California is a top spot for outdoor adventures. One of the best trails and outdoor activities is the Chino Hills State Park trail. This trail is a must-visit for its scenic views of rolling hills, vast grasslands, and striking oak trees. It's a moderate difficulty trail, ideal for those looking for a bit of a challenge. Along the trail, you may spot unique rock formations and the park's diverse wildlife. The trail also leads to a stunning viewpoint of the Santa Ana River. For more outdoor fun, head to the Prado Regional Park, where you can enjoy fishing, camping, and horseback riding. It's also home to a beautiful lake, perfect for a relaxing day of bird watching. Chino Hills offers an array of outdoor activities, making it a top destination for those seeking scenic adventures.

Top Spots in and near Chino Hills

  • Los Angeles, California

    Catch a Sunrise or Sunset at Palisades Park in Porter Ranch

    From the 118 FWY, exit Reseda and head north until you pass by Calle Vista Circle. Once passed, make a U-turn and park on the side of the street.Here you will find the trailhead for the Palisades Trail Hike. To get to the scenic lookout, simply walk up the short trail leading up the hill, and hea...
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  • Topanga, California

    Hike the Top of Topanga Overlook

    1 mi / 1613 ft gain
    The Top of Topanga Overlook is where you can simply park your car, and sit in one of the benches to view the San Fernando Valley. But there is one hiking trail in that area which lets you get better vantage points, as well as a quick workout.Once you get to the overlook, park your car and safely ...
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  • Topanga, California

    Hike to the Labyrinth at Tuna Canyon Park

    2.4 mi / 235 ft gain
    This is a simple but steep 2.4 mile round-trip hike to a clearing on a mountaintop in Topanga/Malibu, about an hour's drive west of downtown LA. At the end of the hike you'll reach a clearing with incredible views. On a cloudy or foggy day, it feels like you're floating above the clouds; on a cle...
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  • Fallbrook, California

    Hike the Santa Margarita River Trail

    5 mi / 469 ft gain
    Santa Margarita River Trail is a 5 mile out-and-back hike that takes you near the river in Fallbrook, CA. This trail provides some shade which is helpful on hot days. If you bring your swimsuit you can hop in for a dip on hotter days.  Make sure you wear good hiking shoes due to some rocky terrai...
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  • Forest Falls, California

    Vivian Creek Trail to San Gorgonio Peak

    17.83 mi / 5627 ft gain
    Vivian Creek Trail to San Gorgonio Peak is an out-and-back trail that takes you by a waterfall located near Forest Falls, California.
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  • Fawnskin, California

    Grays Peak Trail

    6.95 mi / 1293 ft gain
    This is a fairly easy mountain peak to climb.  The trailhead is easily accessible right off of Hwy 38 by the town of Fawnskin.  There is a large National Forest sign noting the parking area to Grays Peak Trail.  Note that parking in this lot requires either a day pass or a California Adventure pa...
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