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Borrego Springs, California

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  • Salton Sea, California

    California's Skeleton in the Closet: The Salton Sea

    California's largest lake was an accident, created by the failure of dikes and canals made by engineers attempting to divert water from the Colorado River for agricultural purposes early in the 20th century. At one point the entire volume of the Colorado River was pouring into the Salton Sea. Now...
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  • Two Native-owned and -operated organizations to support in CA

    The Visit Native California content series aims to shine a spotlight on the many different ways visitors can learn about, and learn from, the state’s 100+ tribes. From museums to guided tours to attractions at state and national parks, there are countless ways to experience Native American cultur...
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  • Idyllwild, California

    Do Not Eat Hot Wings Before Hiking

    On Saturday morning I set out to hike Mt. San Jacinto with a bunch of new friends. It’s a 12 mile walk with 4,500 ft of elevation gain—an all day affair for us. The night before, I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with a different group of friends and tried their two hottest wings: Mango Habanero and B...
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  • Check out these Native American businesses in CA

    Presented by Visit Native California.  You can explore California lands, paddle along its coasts, or try locally brewed coffee and beer with the help of these local Indigenous businesses. Their foods, drinks, stories, and lessons are unique to the Tribes that call this place home. Blue corn m...
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