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Angels Camp, California

Angels Camp, California, is a top destination for outdoor adventures. The best trails and outdoor activities are abundant in this area, promising a scenic and fun-filled journey. One must-visit trail is the Natural Bridges Hiking Trail. This 2-mile round trip trail features a unique natural limestone cave that you can swim through during the warmer months. Along the trail, you'll also find the beautiful Coyote Creek, a perfect spot for a refreshing dip. For a more challenging hike, the Arnold Rim Trail offers stunning views of the Sierra Nevada mountains and the San Joaquin Valley. This 10.5-mile trail is perfect for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Near Angels Camp, you can also enjoy fishing and boating at the New Melones Lake. These outdoor activities and attractions make Angels Camp a top choice for those seeking scenic outdoor adventures.

Top Spots in and near Angels Camp