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Montgomery, Alabama

Top Lodging in and near Montgomery

  • Montgomery, Alabama

    Gunter Hill

    Overview Gunter Hill Campground offers a peaceful scene of trees and nature on the backwaters of the Alabama River. The fishing is excellent, providing challenges for the master angler as well as the occasional cane pole fisherman. Boating, hunting and hiking are popular activities.Recreation The...
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  • Lowndesboro, Alabama

    Prairie Creek (Al)

    Overview Prairie Creek Campground is situated beneath moss-draped oaks on the banks of Woodruff Lake. The lake is part of the scenic Alabama River in the region's Black Prairie Belt. For sportsmen, the campground offers a wonderful opportunity to relax between fishing and hunting trips. Water spo...
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  • Selma, Alabama

    Six Mile Creek

    Overview Six Mile Creek Campground is located on its namesake at scenic Dannelly Reservoir in Alabama's Black Prairie Belt. The reservoir sits on the Alabama River and covers roughly 27 square miles, boasting more than 500 miles of shoreline. Boating, fishing, hunting and hiking are popular activ...
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