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Women’s Machu Picchu Multi-Sport with Rainbow Mountain

Cusco, Peru

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Adventure to Machu Picchu and trek to Rainbow Mountain with rafting, zipline, hot springs, cycling, and hiking on our Women Only, Small Group Adventure Tour in Peru.

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Activate messy bun mode because you’re gonna be MOVIN’. Spend 4 days on a multi-sport journey to Machu Picchu that includes hiking, mountain biking, white water rafting, and ziplining. You’ll also take a day hike to Rainbow Mountain, a sight so spectacular it looks Photoshopped. But before everything goes down, you’ll spend 2 days acclimatizing in beautiful Cusco and the Sacred Valley. 

While adjusting to the altitude, explore ancient ruins, landmarks, and museums via Explorer Chick private tours. Unmissable sites include Cusco Cathedral, the Inca Museum, and Sacsayhuaman. Our private guide will tell ancient Incan stories with gusto as we wander through each site. 

After you’ve got your Peruvian lungs, we hike! Rise before the sun to ride our private bus over dirt roads that lead to the Rainbow Mountain trailhead. Upon arrival, our team of chefs and porters will set up our dining tent (!) and cook up a bangin’ breakfast as you gaze upon the surrounding peaks. 

Hike deep into the spectacular painted hills, known as Vinicunca. The Red Valley will blow you away with striking collisions of green and red. Press on through the altitude and muster every ounce of grit you’ve got to reach Rainbow Mountain (think: Little Foot when he reaches the Sun Valley). You’ll be rewarded with an insane summit surrounded by glaciated peaks, wild desert landscapes, herds of alpaca, and WILD WOMEN!

Next up – cycling, rafting, and hiking to Machu Picchu, marking Day 4 of your adventure. To reach the sacred site, downhill cycle for a cool 30 miles from mountaintops to the cloud forest. You’ll then white water raft down the Urubamba river – which is totally beginner-friendly. Hike a scenic portion of the Inca Trail high above the Urubamba river, getting your first taste of Incan Steps as you walk along steep cliff sides. Refuel at a working coffee farm where you’ll roast, hand grind, and sip on the good stuff. 

Rest your Xena muscles in crystal clear hot springs before strapping into ziplining gear to soar upside-down and open-hearted across mountains and canyons. Finally, hike our final portion of the Inca trail to Aguas Calientes – aka Machu Picchu Town.

Wake before the masses the next morning to be the first to board the buses to the gates of Machu Picchu. Upon arrival, our local guide will usher us through the queues (Explorer Chick fast pass!) on a private tour that features the most significant, photo-worthy points. Any remaining time is devoted to climbing Mt. Machu Picchu.

Campsites include deluxe 4-person tents that only need to sleep, 2 people. We’ll eat in dining tents with access to private toilets, showers, and an entire team of porters and professional chefs. All of your overnight gear will be carried for you. Tent setup? Covered. Meal prep? We got you. Just focus on breathing.

"Words can’t describe the amazing adventure I was fortunate enough to experience in Peru. Each day allowed me to conquer something new. I went whitewater rafting for the first time, rode 30-miles downhill into a jungle in Peru, walked the Inca trail where I had to face my fear of heights and cliffs, walking to Machu Picchu, toured a coffee farm, and received a blessing from a medicine man. The toughest thing of all, I walked up Rainbow Mountain and got to experience beginning a climb at 15,000 feet and ending at 16,666 feet. I survived the most challenging thing I’ve ever done, even though at times I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I’m so happy to be able to experience this with 7 amazing ladies, 1 inspirational leader, and 2 Peruvian guides who took great care of us and kept up laughing." - Explorer Chick, Amy

SHE-nanigans include Exploring Ruins, Museums, Local Village Visits, Cycling, Rafting, Ziplining, Natural Hot Springs, Inca Trail Hiking, and Camping.

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Cusco, Peru


Cusco, Peru

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