Women’s Lofoten Hiking Adventure

Lofoten, Norway

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Explore the majestic mountains, deep fjords, and pristine beaches of the Lofoten Islands of Norway. 😍 Scattered across the Norwegian Sea far above the Arctic Circle the untamed wilderness is the perfect playground for outdoor enthusiasts. 🌄You’ll hike steep trails to iconic summits, sleep in colorful fishermen cabins (restored Rorbu) and coastal hotels, strengthen your body with local Norse cuisine, kayak deep into the heart of a fjord, and spend hours at sea catching the freshest dinner of your life.

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Explore the majestic mountains, deep fjords, and pristine beaches above the Arctic Circle on our Women-Only hiking tour in the Lofoten Islands of Norway.

Over the course of 8 days, you’ll hike steep trails to iconic summits, sleep in colorful fishermen cabins (restored Rorbu) and coastal hotels, strengthen your body with local Norse cuisine, kayak deep into the heart of a fjord, and spend hours at sea catching the freshest dinner of your life.

The Lofoten Islands are slung across the Norwegian Sea, far above the Arctic Circle. The untamed wilderness gifts outdoor enthusiasts with its rugged beauty.

You’ll be glad you stair-climbed to so many episodes of Vikings – the rugged terrain thrusts you high above fjords, beaches, and vibrant villages with exhilarating exposure and bits of scrambling. All the curse words on the ascent will be a faint memory when you strike your best Norse Goddess pose from the summits of Reinebringen, Mount Ryten, and Festvågtind.

Of course you’ll satiate that hiker hunger dining on traditional and locally sourced meals every day (expect lots of fish – the foundation of Lofoton’s civilization) and try your best to pronounce hårføner after few glasses of Akvavit.

On your final day, trade hiking pants for fisherman’s coveralls as you reel in your own catch. In the evening, we’ll be invited into the home of locals to cook it all up with the family and with your Explorer Chick sistas.

And those bright, colorful cabins hanging over the sea? Those are old fishermen cabins that have been restored as lodging for guests called Rorbu. You’re darn skippy we’ll be staying in them. Be sure to keep your eyes to the skies too! If we are really lucky and the skies cooperate, there’s a chance we’ll even catch the Northern Lights!

“Well I made it home from one of the most amazing adventures of my life… The best part of this trip, was meeting 11 women who have such ambition, love of adventure, who are just bad ass, bold and amazing. Strangers who came together for a life changing epic adventure became friends for life. So much to say about the women I meet on these trips. Smart, successful, genuine, beautiful in so many ways and just not afraid to enjoy life and go on crazy adventures. These women and these trips are just good for my soul.

#explorerchick” -Explorer Chick Nicki R

SHE-nanigans include: Guided hiking to iconic Lofoten summits, stays in cozy Rorbu cabins, kayaking, and fishing for your dinner


Arrivals to Bodø

Welcome to northern Norway – the gateway to the Lofoten Islands! Meet as a group in the lobby of our waterfront hotel for evening introductions and to share an invigorating dinner. Your Explorer Chick guide and local Norwegian guide will review the upcoming week and kickstart the SHE-nanigans.

Jet lag doesn’t stand a chance.

Ferry to Lofoten and Hike to Reinebringen

Rise and shine Explorer Chicks – it’s island time! Grab packed breakfasts and lunches before a short walk to catch the ferry. Kick back for the 3-4 hour journey as we cruise across the Vestfjorden.

We’ll arrive in Moskenes ready to start our hiking adventure. Our objective? Reinebringen – one of the most iconic views in Lofoten. Thanks to a government funded project, the hike is a power stair climb with steps expertly constructed by Sherpas from Nepal. After freaking out over the summit view, we’ll kick back at the local cafe enjoying coffee or a beer.

Day 1 in Lofoten closes out with a drive to our first Rorbu – a traditional fishermen cabin that hugs the shores of the fjords beneath the mountains. (We won’t judge you for Instagramming the crap out of it.) Rorbu housed fishermen from all over Norway as far back as 1890. Don’t worry – they’ve been restored to the point of not smelling like cod.

Kayaking the Reinefjorden

Pump up your paddling arms with a hearty breakfast. You’ll explore the secret inner-most curves of a fjord via kayak over the course of 4 hours. Peep mountaintops, birds of prey, and rugged beach shores from sea level while wondering how your life got so freaking good.

Come afternoon, return to the Rorbu for a traditional, locally sourced dinner.

Hike to Kvalvika Beach and Mount Ryten

It’s another iconic day in Lofoten . Enjoy a drive to Kvalvika beach for a 45-minute hike before the ascent to Ryten. This summit has everything Lofoten is famous for – ridiculous beaches, towering mountains, turquoise fjords, and a perfectly jutted rock you can hook your legs over for the Gram.

If your muscles are hatin’ on you from yesterday, no worries! You can chill on the beach and enjoy the crashing waves. JUST DON’T FORGET ABOUT US.

Next, we carry on to our new digs for two nights, where we finish out the day in a steamy hot tub. Rest up with a modern hotel experience with incredible waterfront views. Bonus – they alert us if and when the Northern Lights make an appearance.

Hike Mount Hoven and Kick it on the Beach

Enjoy a slower morning with a relaxed breakfast. Lace up your boots for the second-to-last hiking adventure to the top of Mount Hoven. A direct path up and down gives us plenty of beach time. Grab your swimmie if you’re feeling bold to dip above the Arctic Circle! If you’d rather stay dry, sip on a coffee and soak up the scenery.

Dinner is super-special this evening with a 3 course Norwegian meal.

Hiking and Exploring Henningsvær 

Final gains day! Hike to the tippy-top of Festvågtind to enjoy a unique view of the small inhabited islands that make up Henningsvær.

After breakfast, take a 30 minute transfer to Henningsvær and the hiking adventure. Today is flexible – if the terrain is too tough or the weather blows, there is an optional viewpoint half way up the hike that feels close enough to a summit. The total hike, if possible, takes 5-6 hours. The viewpoint takes 2-2.5 hours (including time for photos at the top!). The terrain is rocky and steep, with a small amount of exposure to the summit. But the trail is well worn and easy to follow, given it is one of the most famous hikes in Lofoten.

Take the afternoon to explore Henningsvær, one of Lofoten’s most iconic towns with a population of just 500. Henningsvær is home to Norway’s iconic Klatreskole – the school hardcore Norwegians travel to for instruction on climbing, skiing and mountaineering. Of course, it’s also home to shops and bakeries, primed for a carb crawl.

After filling up on mind-blowing seafood, we’ll drive to our second Rorbu and final accommodation change in Kabelvåg. Evening dips in the ocean are encouraged!

Fishing and local dinner

The reason people settled on these imposing islands in the first place isn’t the spectacular scenery. Nope it’s what lies below the surface of the bountiful water: THE FISH. After many days of hiking and exploring, we spend a few hours out at sea literally trying to catch our dinner. Wait, what? Yep! After our little fishing expedition, we’ll be invited into a local home to dine – sea to table, baby.

Farewell Lofoten

All good things must unfortunately come to an end. During our 2.5 hour drive to Harstad/Narvik Airport, we’ll share our unforgettable memories and bad jokes from our untamed, wild paradise. Love you long time, Lofoten! 

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Lofoten, Norway


Lofoten, Norway

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