Women’s Jordan Adventure with Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea, and Petra

Amman, Jordan

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Find your bold in The Lost City of Petra and Jordan. Hike portions of the Jordan Trail, ride camels in Wadi Rum, float in the Dead Sea, and glamp under desert stars on this women-only small group adventure tour.


Duration: 8 Days
Starts in: Amman, Jordan
Ends in: Amman, Jordan
Group Size: 4-12
Difficulty: 3/5

Operated by:

Explorer Chick

Real adventures for real women who want to overcome and transform - challenging itineraries, a supportive community, uncommon travel experiences, and endless SHE-nanigans.

Additional Information

Reveal the ancient secrets of Petra and Jordan on the ultimate Women-Only Adventure Tour. Over the course of 8 days, you’ll explore “The Lost City” of Petra, hike portions of the Jordan Trail, ride camels in Wadi Rum, float in the Dead Sea, and glamp under desert stars on our 8 Day Women-only, Small Group Adventure Tour in Jordan.

Yep! Your Jordan Adventure will channel every ounce of your inner Indiana Jane!  Cue the theme song and sing it enthusiastically as you read on about your Jordan adventure.

Your adventure kicks off along the King’s Highway, which you’ll travel before exploring one of the most beautiful canyons on earth. Swim through milky blue waters beneath towering basalt canyon walls. Then cozy up with your sisters at an eco-lodge within the boundaries of Dana Nature Reserve. 

The following morning, you’ll wake to trek 5 miles along one of the most scenic sections of the Jordan Trail to arrive in Little Petra. En route, you’ll be able to see into Israel and learn about the biblical significance of the trail by our local guide. That night, you’ll relax under the stars at an authentic Bedouin camp. Don’t worry! It’s a glamping experience with a bed and mattress.

The next day, you’ll journey to Petra on foot over the course of 9 miles. The hike might seem long, but you’ll be rewarded by entering Petra through a back entrance before exploring the narrow slot canyons and caves deep within the vast Unesco World Heritage site. On your second day in Petra, our local guide will take us on a super secret hike with stunning views known only by the locals. (Shhhhh! Don’t tell the tourists!)

After our time in Petra, we’ll venture to Wadi Rum – the Arabic word for “dry river bed” aka where Matt Damon grew his doo-doo potatoes in The Martian. The Wadi Rum desert is unlike anything else on Earth! Protected by the National Park, this area is devoid of man-made architecture and influence. Instead, the nomadic Bedouin people thrive on what the Earth provides and call Wadi Rum their home. Lucky for us, the Bedouins will welcome us into their communities and share some of their favorite hiking trails.

Spend two nights under more breathtaking stars in another authentic Bedouin camp. Your home will be a raised canvas tent complete with a bed and local decor. While in Wadi Rum, board a Jeep to safari to Burda Mountain and take on a challenging  3-4 hour scramble to reach the famous Burda Rock bridge. If you’re feeling intrepid, inch out to the middle of an arch that stands 900 feet high. Catch your last sunset in Wadi Rum on the back of a camel as you enjoy a bucket-list desert experience.

On your final full day, we’ll journey to the lowest place on the earth – The Dead Sea. Sit back, float, slather on some “magincal” mineral mud, and wonder to yourself how you go to be so brave. In the evening, we’ll gather for one last meal. But here’s the kicker - you are going to help prepare it under the leadership of a Jordanian culinary school that is women-owned and operated!

“The thing that I love most about Explorer Chick is that we may all come from different walks of life, but each trip that I have been on..we all come together to form this deep connection. There’s an energy that’s amazing and undeniable on EC adventures.” - Explorer Chick LouAnn

SHE-nanigans include Extensive Hiking, Canyoning, Camel Rides, Dead Sea Floating, Jordanian Cooking, and Glamping.


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