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Women’s Cordillera Huayhuash Trekking

Huaraz, Peru

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Hike one of the most challenging, yet beautiful alpine treks in the world on our Women Only, Cordillera Huayhuash Trekking Tour. Your adventure spans 14 days taking you into a remote, breathtaking (sometimes literally!), and wild outdoor gal’s Shangri-la.

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The entire journey is above the treeline, giving you a panoramic view of sheer mountain peaks, pristine glacial lakes, and the occasional soaring condor. Yes, with it’s extreme altitude in some of the highest mountains on Earth, the Huayhuash is one of the most physically and emotionally challenging treks on the planet, but you’ll find it to be one of the most transformative.

The Huayhuash Trek is our longest and our hardest adventure, but some journeys just aren’t worth the short cuts. Over the course of your 9 day, hand selected route, you’ll saunter pass the circuit’s most stunning landscapes. Unreal vistas visible only by trekking south and counterclockwise from Queropalca to Pocpa. Yerupaja, second highest mountain in Peru (21,766′), will glisten in the distance. Turquoise lakes will greet your as you unzip your tent door from your cozy sleeping bag. Hot springs will be your saving grace midway through as you’re just starting to ripen.

With the stories of our local guide, you’ll have a deeper and more connected understanding of the mountains, the meanings of the Quechua names, and the flora and fauna thriving in the high altitude environments. Our team of porters, cooks, and pack animals will haul the heavy stuff, so you can focus on getting your keister up the next 16,000′ pass.

This trek is not for the faint of heart. It requires extensive training prior and demands every bit of grit throughout with the entire adventure is in a high altitude environment. Yet, Explorer Chicks with the strength, courage, and fortitude to complete this trek will be immensely rewarded.

“The thing that I love most about Explorer Chick is that we may all come from different walks of life, but each trip that I have been on..we all come together to form this deep connection. There’s an energy that’s amazing and undeniable on EC adventures.” - Explorer Chick LouAnn


Welcome to Peru! 

Welcome to Lima – the capital city of Peru! Upon arrival, you’ll be transferred to our hotel in Miraflores. Feel free to explore during the day taking in the vibrant culture, the shopping, and the world class dining. We’ll meet as a group in the lobby in the evening for introductions and to have a nice welcome dinner together. Your Explorer Chick guide will review the upcoming week and kick start the SHE-nanigans.

Lima to Huaraz by Bus

It’s an easy morning before we board our bus for the long drive north to Huaraz. Settle in with a good book, podcast, or get to know your new Explorer Chick Sistas!

Transfer Time: Approximately 7.5 hours

Hike to Rajucolta Lake

GOOD MORNING MOUNTAINS! Today we drive southeast of Huaraz to Huascaran National Park for approximately 2 hours. Along the way, you’ll catch glimpses of Cashan (18,654′) and Shacsha (18,710′). You’ll also see traditional adobe houses, local Quechua people wearing their traditional clothes, and colorful farmlands with wheat, lupine and potatoes.

From the gate, we start with a gradual path following a grassy trail along the mountain stream up to a beautiful glacier lake (13,944′) just below the majestic Huantzan Mountain (20,981′), the second highest mountain in the Cordillera Blanca. Break out the camera and capture all the Glamour Shots before just melting onto the ground in complete awe.

Churup Lake Hike

This morning, we drive up to Pitec with views of traditional villages such as Unchus and Llupa outside our windows.

The hike begins along a small ridge, giving you breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside and snow-capped peaks of the central part of the Cordillera Blanca – the highest snow-capped mountain range in the tropics. You’ll hike through a small Quenual forest and scramble up a trail next to a stream, before finally reaching Lake Churup (15,000′), a beautiful, deep blue lake at the foot of the icy peak of the Churup Mountain.

You’ll forget Chipotle even existed, as you munch on lunch surrounded by snow-capped peaks and the turquoise lakes. Before returning to our private bus, we’ll hike up to Lookout Churup.

Let the Trek Begin! Huaraz – Huanuco Pampa – Queropalca Camp

Kiss civilization Good bye as we drive to Queropalca. En route, our local guide will share history and interesting tidbits about the small villages we pass along the way. We’ll make a pit stop at Archeological Center of Huánuco Pampa – an Incan ruin that was an administrative center built along the highland highway between Cusco and Quito. We’ll take the time to visit and also fuel up on some lunch. Then we’ll continue to our first campsite: Queropalca (12,565′).

Queropalca – Carhuacocha Camp

Easing into it with a half day hike to the foot of Lake Carhuacocha. On a calm day, the snow-capped peaks of Jirishanca and Yerupaja are reflected in the water. Tonight’s camp is on the shores of the lake at 13,711′.

Carhuacocha – Siula Pass – Huayhuash Camp

Get your Hiker Booty up at dawn, Explorer Chick. It’s an outer body experience watching the sunrise over the lake and peaks from your campsite. The sun’s first rays catching the peak of Mt Yerupaja (21,765′) will make it worthwhile.

Today is a long gradual climb up a beautiful valley surrounded by the splendor of Yerupaja, Yerupaja Chico, Siula Grande, Jirishanca, Santa Rosa and Carnicero, You might recognize Siula Grande from Joe Simpson’s book, Touching the Void. You’ll also get your fill of brilliant blue lakes – Gangrajanca, Siula and Quesillacocha.

It’s a steep climb to the top of the rocky Siula Pass (15,866′) before descending to the Huayhuash Campsite (14,281′) surrounded by even more mountains includng Trapecio and the three Jurau’s peaks.

Huayhuash – Portachuelo De Huayhuash – Hot Springs!

It’s a gradual climb for about 3 hours towards the Portachuelo de Huayhuash pass at 15,676′. It’s a jaw-dropping pass where we leave behind where the water flows into the Amazon river and return to where the water flows into the Pacific.

On the hike down the green valley to Viconga Lake, there’s a chance to go “Ga-Ga” over some fuzzy alpacas. Before long, we’ll reach our camp and the thermal baths! Yeah buddy. It’s time to plunge those sore musles and dirty toes into a steamy bath.

Viconga – Cuyoc Pass – Huanacpatay Camp

It’s a steep climb to start the day to reach Cuyoc pass at 16,558′. Yet, the reward is marvelous views of the surrounding high mountains. Then it’s a descent down over a rocky section and a hike along the valley Huanacpatay. Tonight, we camp in Huanacpatay camp at 14,327′.

Huanacpatay – Huayllapa – Huactiac Camp

We wake to retrace our steps down the Huanacpatay valley. The temperature warms as we drop to the remote village of Huayllapa (11,798′) with beautiful views of waterfalls. In the afternoon, we climb steeply to spend the night at 14,101′ at Huatiac, a high grazing meadow under the shadow of Diablo Mudo, the ‘Dumb Devil’. Prepare yourself: It’s your hardest day on the trail with a tough afternoon and often hot weather.

Huatiac – Punta Tapush Pass – Gashpapampa Camp

You earned yourself a short and easy day. It’s a gradual climb to Punta Tapush pass (15,715′), and then about an hours descent to our next camp located in Gashpapampa at 14,948′. Settle in for an epic sunset over Mount Diablo Mudo.

Gashpapampa – Yaucha Pass – Jahuacocha Camp

It’s a hike down to Angoshcancha valley with a forest of Quenual trees. Then we ascend our next pass, Yaucha (15,906′), with steep sections and all the scree. Cross your fingers for a clear day with magnificent views of the highest peaks of the Huayhuash range and long-distance panoramas to the peaks of the Cordillera Blanca. You might even have some condors fly overhead! Then, it’s a long descent that eventually brings us to Laguna Jahuacocha (13,373′).

Wouldn’t you know it? It’s our last night camping, and we saved what is widely held to be the scenic gem of the whole range for last.

Return to Civilization: Jahuacocha – Mancanpunta Pass – Pocpa – Huaraz

It’s time to head back to indoor plumbing and real beds. It’s a steady but gradual climb up to Mancanpunta Pass at 15,000′. Take it all in sista. Bask one last time in the surrounding Andean ranges before one last gravelly trail down to Pocpa (11,427′). Here we’ll load up our gear into our bus and return to Huaraz.

Return to Lima and Departures

After Breakfast, we board the bus to return to Lima. Upon arrival, we will be taking you directly to the airport or to the hotel if you opt for our Post Trip Hotel stay.

Bus departs from Huaraz at 11am and returns to Lima at 7:30pm.

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Huaraz, Peru


Huaraz, Peru

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