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Ultimate Tanzania Safari

Arusha Region, Tanzania

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It's hard to top a classic safari in Tanzania, unless you add the rare experience of exploring the Serengeti on foot! Immerse yourself in the great plains on a three-day walking adventure then join game drives in Tanzania's four great parks. Explore Tarangire's unique baobab woodlands; visit Lake Manyara, home to tree-climbing lions and Ngorongoro Crater with an Eden-like floor; and take in the Serengeti, home to the world's largest and longest migration. Learn about century-old customs from the Maasai people and relax at comfortable camps and lodges in the wild.


Welcome to Tanzania

Arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport in Arusha and meet with MT Sobek trip leaders outside the customs and immigration area. Transfer to Moivaro Lodge, set on a tree-shaded coffee plantation in Arusha.

Drive to Tarangire National Park

Drive to Tarangire National Park in the Great Rift Valley, a scenic park with expansive baobab-studded grasslands stretching in every direction. Arrive at the lodge in time for lunch, then head out for the first game drive. Tarangire River attracts a number of thirsty inhabitants — watch a parade of wild animals make their way over for a drink: huge herds of buffalo, blue wildebeest, zebra, kongoni, impala, reedbuck, lion, and leopard. In the late afternoon, return to the lodge for sundowners and a delicious dinner.

Explore Tarangire National Park

Ease into the rhythm of the bush: wake early to the chorus of birds and spend another full day discovering Tarangire's wildlife. With luck, observe safari oddities: the beautiful lesser kudu antelope and the hard-to-find African python. After sundown, thrill to the roar of lions in the night.

Visit Lake Manyara & Meet the Maasai People

Drive 45-minutes through the Rift Valley to Lake Manyara National Park, home to stunning wildlife. Notice the colorful water birds — herons, storks, ibises, and fish eagles, and look out for impala, giraffe, zebra, blue wildebeest, and buffalo. Then drive into the highlands above the Ngorongoro Crater to meet the Maasai people, whose traditional welcome dance features athletic leaps and earth-shaking stomping. Enter typical homes made of cut branches, mud, and cow dung. Wrap up with a stay at the MT Sobek Deluxe Camp in the Crater Highlands.

Journey to Ngorongoro Crater

The Ngorongoro Crater, almost entirely open country, presents spectacular views of wildlife within a 100-square-mile steep green wall frame. Close in on a group of zebra, buffalo or black rhino gazing across the plains. Watch herds of white-bearded wildebeest and gazelle mingle. Find elephants, hyenas, and lion prides. Top the six-hour crater safari with brilliant birds: clusters of flamingos, the auger buzzard, bateleur, jacana, little bee-eater, and the red bishop. Head out for a sunset ridge walk for an Ol Pul (meat feast) with new Maasai friends.

Discover the Stunning Serengeti

Descend from the Ngorongoro highlands onto the vast plains of the Serengeti, with their classic granite kopjes — rounded boulders shaped by wind eons. Deeper into the Serengeti, notice the vegetation change into riverine woodland and acacia tree valleys as you continue on to the next tented camp.

Classic Serengeti Safari

All aboard for a day of classic game viewing! The savannah woodlands are a mosaic of habitats: small grassy plains mix with tree savannas and areas of dense bush, making for a greater diversity of animals. See buffalo, giraffe, dik-dik, reedbuck, impala, waterbuck, baboons, and vervet monkeys — all common residents, as are lion, cheetah, leopard, and hyena. Hippos and crocodiles occupy several rivers in the woodlands of the north; the Seronera River area is one of Africa's best for encounters with the elusive leopard.

Experience the Serengeti on Foot

After breakfast, grab water bottles, binoculars, and snacks, and head out for a Serengeti walking safari. Hiking in the Serengeti isn't about covering a lot of ground; it's about really experiencing Africa up close and personal, reveling in the smaller sights, smells, and feelings that are missed from a car. Stop for lunch under a shady tree or a cool overhang, perhaps overlooking a waterhole or small plain, and continue hiking in the afternoon.

Walk the Serengeti’s Wild Side

On the second day, become a true pioneer. Discover places unvisited by man for over half a century, with no roads. Look out for secret spots that animals use to survive — the natural salt lick, the pool in the steam that never dries. Find the best place to cross the river, the ridge with the best views, the meadow with the sweetest grass, and the kopje with the coolest breeze. In the afternoon, go for a short orientation walk to learn about walking in the bush.

Trace Wildlife Trails in the Serengeti

Make the most of your final day in the Serengeti. Move slowly with MT Sobek guides interpreting Serengeti's enticing sights and smells. Find a lion's paw print in the damp ground, watch a dung beetle roll a ball of dung uphill, smell a herd of elephants before you spot them in the valley below. Follow a stream in hope of seeing game come down for a drink, or climb up a kopje boulder to get better views of the striking landscape. Come evening, relax at the camp's bug-proof mess tent.

Depart Tanzania

After a pleasant morning game drive and lunch, fly back to Arusha Airport, where dayrooms at the Moivaro Lodge await. Bid farewell to fellow travelers at dinner before transferring to the Kilimanjaro International Airport for homeward-bound flights. Schedule your departure flight from Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) no earlier than 7pm.

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Arusha, Tanzania


Arusha, Tanzania

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