Remote Northern Flinders Camel Trek


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A camel supported walking exploration of rarely visited stations and landscapes of the Northern Flinders Ranges


Duration: 7 Days
Starts in: Australia
Group Size: 4-10

Operated by:

World Expeditions

World Expeditions is an adventure travel and ecotourism company that offers guided small group trekking and adventure holidays.


Preparing for trek and safety briefing

This morning you will be collected from Adelaide Central Bus Station at 08:30am to arrive at Flinders and Beyond property by early afternoon. The first evening will be spent meeting with our team of camels and include a safety briefing. Swags will be provided and a swag tutorial given. Dinner will be prepared on the camp fire before bed.Travel: from Adelaide 6 hrs

Rolling hills of the Flinders Ranges

In the morning breakfast will be laid out and swags rolled. The camels are loaded after breakfast and the trek departs. Loading for the first time on a trek appears hectic; loading times will decrease as everyone becomes more confident with the camels and gear. Assistance will be required with the loading and unloading of the camels each day, we only ask that each person helps to their own capabilities. Once the camels are loaded the trek departs. At lunch time we pull up, boil the billy and eat. We continue to walk for a couple of hours after lunch then find a suitable camp for the night. Fire wood is collected and dinner prepared.

Lake Torrens and Lake Frome Watershed

Today the walking takes you up dry rocky creeks, narrow gaps and gorges. You head across the rugged landscape which boarders the protected Lake Torrens and Lake Frome. Unfortunately we are unable to access these lakes directly as they lie on sacred Aboriginal land. From here you cross the water shed to start the journey downstream over large sandy creeks lined with native pine vegetation.

Mallee Trees and Native Pines

As we wind through the majestic hills covered in mallee trees and native pines you will pas through the gap of the towering ranges to the the welcoming site of the small spring fed water hole. The afternoon produces an enchanting walk along the base of the ranges.

Acacias, Cassias and Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby

Today you will pass through the valley surrounded by open hills. This day brings changes in the surrounding vegetation with outcrops of acacias and cassias. You will travel further along the rocky creek to be surrounded by the towering gorge walls where you will have the chance to see the endemic yellow footed rock wallaby as you pass by another spring fed water hole.

Angorichina Station Woolshed and Blinman

Following along the creek you encounter several more inviting spings until you pass the historic Angorichina Station Woolshed, a relic from the 1850's before returning to the Flinders and Beyond property where you will take a short transfer to the town of Blinman for the evening. You can explore the small town or Blinman, or take in a tour at the Tin Mine. After checking into your accommodation you will have a chance to refresh and recharge before the group will get together for a final dinner in Hotel.

Return to Adelaide

After a leisurely morning breakfast the group will complete final preparations before the return journey back to Adelaide where the tour will conclude. Expected arrival time in Adelaide is around 4pm so please don't book a departure flight before around 7pm.Travel: to Adelaide 6 hrs

Additional Information

When planning to head truly remote - away from even the main walking trails - camels are the perfect travelling companions in the outback. Carrying your food, water and swags on a traditional pack saddle, these ships of the desert, many of which featured in the movie 'Tracks' by Robin Davidson, will allow you to gain a real sense of isolation as you absorb the beauty of the natural surroundings in this wild part of Australia that is home to Lake Frome and Wilpena Pound. Appreciate the birdlife, yellow footed wallabies, flora, station and old lead mine ruins and remnants as you travel along dry creek beds, through rugged plains country and past sheer rock faces and large gorges that are generally not accessible to travellers and locals alike. At night, your expert local guide will share his astronomy knowledge as you star gaze up at the dark night sky. During this camel supported walk there is no vehicle support with one camel saddled for riding should guests wish to experience this as part of their adventure.


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