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Polar Bear Migration Fly-In Photo Safari

Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Fly into the heart of Canada's "polar bear alley" and enjoy a perfect vantage point from the safety of an expertly designed Polar Bear Camp. Located directly in the path of migrating bears, this exclusive cabin-based safari offers a rare opportunity to these incredible predators up close! Spend your days photographing bears or experiencing the enchanting tundra environment on exploratory hikes, then return to the intimate cabins to unwind. With the Northern Lights in season you'll also enjoy a magical sky show at night.


Arrive in Winnipeg, Canada

Arrive in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and spend the night close to the airport for tomorrow's flight to Churchill.

Fly to Churchill & Polar Bear Cabins

Fly to Churchill, then board a private plane for a scenic flight to the remote polar bear cabins on the shores of Hudson Bay. Have the chance to capture stunning aerial views on camera, then arrive at the strategically situated camp. Located on a polar bear migration route, known as "polar bear alley," it's optimally designed for travelers to photograph the bears as they wait for the surrounding waters to freeze up.

Experience Polar Bear Country

Spend the next few unforgettable days watching polar bears in the wild, exploring natural landscapes, and delighting in magical light displays across the night sky. The specific activities on each day may change depending on the weather or the location of the bears.
Wait for a perfect close-up shot from inside the protective electric fence, where tripods will be set up, and learn photography and safety tips from local Inuit guides. The guides will only allow the bears to approach as close as they deem safe.

Walk in the Arctic Wilderness

Follow guides on wilderness walks just outside the cabin complex to explore the Arctic tundra landscape. Inuit guides keep the group out of harm's way, and may even help the adventurous to photograph bears from as close as 100 feet away. While often fearful of humans, there may be a curious bear who meanders towards the group, yet the group will remain at a safe distance at all times. This is the most authentic, safe and up-close method of viewing polar bears anywhere.

Delight in the Northern Lights

Take advantage of the season and location to observe the magical Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. Weather permitting, after dusk each evening eagerly wait for hints of color and light dancing across the sky — an unforgettable display!

Observe Arctic Wildlife

Spend time observing and photographing polar bears and other Arctic wildlife including Arctic hare, Arctic fox, willow ptarmigan, snowy owls and gyrfalcons in the wild. Inuit guides are experts at spotting wildlife in their natural habitat.
Snap those last few photos and breathe in the cool Arctic air as you enjoy your final night on the shores of Hudson Bay.

Bid Farewell to Camp & Fly Back to Winnipeg

Take final photos and explore a bit before leaving camp for a midday flight to Churchill. From there, fly back to Winnipeg and spend the night near the airport.

Depart from Winnipeg

Depart from Winnipeg or continue your adventures in Canada.

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Winnipeg, Canada


Winnipeg, Canada

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