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24 Apr - Arrive Port Moresby

If you are arriving on Day 1 of the trip you will be met and taken to your hotel. In the late afternoon, a trek briefing by your leader will be held, and your camping gear will be distributed. Afterwards your group will get acquainted over dinner (at your own expense) and discuss the adventure ahead. Overnight: Ela Beach Hotel.NOTE: You must arrive in Port Moresby no later than 17:00hrs. If you cannot arrange a flight to arrive before this time, please ask us for details of transfers and pre-tour accommodation (additional cost applies) so that you can arrive the day before.

25 Apr - Anzac Day Dawn Service at Bomana War Cemetery

We join in the Bomana War Cemetery Dawn Service to remember Anzac Day and those who served for their country. This will be an emotional experience and we slow down a little today to enjoy the moment and reflect on our own journey. From here we will enjoy the Anzac Day festivities and perhaps a game of two-up at the Yacht club or a town tour of Port Moresby. Overnight: Ela Beach Hotel.

26 Apr - Transfer to Owers Corner, commence trek to Ua Ule Creek

We depart from the hotel early this morning and head towards the Owen Stanley Range. With the improved gravel road, it is not too long before we arrive at Owers Corner, which marks the start of the Kokoda Track. There will be time to view the memorials before we commence trekking through the Owers Corner Gates. After a few hours you will arrive at Camp Goodwater, located at the southern foot of Imita Ridge. Then we will hike up to Imita Ridge, which is the southern most point where the Australians withdrew to during the Kokoda Campaign. At the top of the ridge you will be briefed on the events that occurred here. Descending off Imita Ridge takes you into yet more beautiful rainforest, following and crossing the Ua-Ule creek numerous times in our river shoes/sandals to our first night's campsite. While trekking, the porters will assist you wherever possible, to make your experience even more enjoyable and will keep you informed about the availability of water along the track. Approx Walking time/distance: 5-6hrs / 9km; Ascent: 460m, Descent: 855m.

27 Apr - Trek to Ofi Creek

This morning is the long ascent up to Dump 44 and onto Ioribaiwa. This village is located near the patch of Kunai grass where the Australians fought against the Japanese in an almost suicidal attack before the Australians withdrew back to Imita Ridge. We will trek up and over the Ioribaiwa Ridge before descending to Ofi Creek guesthouse. Approx Walking time/distance: 4-5hrs / 9km; Ascent: 581m, Descent: 280m.

28 Apr - Trek to Agulogo

Today is the start of a challenging climb up the Maguli Range. The next few hours can be frustrating for trekkers as you encounter several false peaks. It was in this region that the Japanese mountain gun was located firing on Australian positions across the valley. We have a couple of welcome rest and meal stops before a steep descent down the ridge to New Nauro Village. The remainder of the day will involve hiking through muddy swamp following the Naoro River and crossing the Brown River, before arriving at Agulogo for the night. Approx Walking time/distance: 7-8hrs / 9km; Ascent: 695m, Descent: 610m.

29 Apr - Trek to Efogi 1

The first challenge you will face today is going up and over the ‘Wall’. The downhill track can be slippery in places and with the group looking out for each other, this encourages slow and steady steps. Whilst in Menari we will have a rest stop, and be briefed on the events of the war around Menari. The Japanese in an elevated position (during the Australian withdrawal) had the upper hand, and Australian soldiers were scattered and forced to retreat. We will stand in a similar position to the Japanese, overlooking the now peaceful village. Trekkers are welcome to bring educational and stationary resources as gifts for the Menari School. Past Menari Airstrip, there will be a steep descent followed by a long ascent up to Brigade Hill, where you will learn about the hill’s significance, the Brigade Headquarters and the Japanese positions. A minute’s reverent silence is given to remember those who lost their lives. Afterwards we follow the track around to Mission Ridge, where we pause to imagine the Japanese lantern parade, which was viewed by the northern troops. While witnessing such an extraordinary sight, the Australian troops occupying wartime Efogi were ordered to withdraw further up the ridge closer to supporting fire. We continue trekking to Efogi 1 campsite. Approx Walking time/distance: 8-9hrs / 15.9km; Ascent: 1112m, Descent: 840m.

30 Apr - Trek to Bombers Camp

The trek continues down to the crossing of the Efogi River before the long climb up to Naduri. We take in the magnificent view of the Kokoda Gap before proceeding to Bombers Camp, our campsite for the night. This campsite will be the coldest night's sleep you will have on the track. Approx Walking time/distance: 7-8hrs / 12km; Ascent: 1335m, Descent: 842m

1 May - Trek to Templeton’s Crossing

Today is a long trekking day as we head up towards the highest point on the track up the shoulder of Mt Bellamy (2240m). After a rest stop at Dump 1, we descend down to our campsite at Templeton’s Crossing. Approx Walking time/distance: 5-6hrs / 11.5km; Ascent: 420m, Descent: 504m.

2 May - Trek to Con’s/Surgeon’s Rock

From Templeton’s Crossing, we have a steep climb up and over a ridge before a long and slow descent into Eora Creek. The creek here has a beautiful swimming place albeit a little chilly, which is great for your aching muscles! Afterwards you will be briefed on the amazing events that the Australian soldiers were confronted with during their advance. Even though the Japanese had an elevated position, they were over run and forced to retreat when Australian troops bravely attacked their post. We will take a short detour up to view the Japanese position, and it is a very moving sight. Some trekkers may not wish to take this detour, but we highly recommend it. Afterwards we will continue up the track to Alola, and then onto tonight’s campsite at Con’s/Surgeon’s Rock. Approx Walking time/distance: 7-8hrs / 11km; Ascent: 436m, Descent: 733m.

3 May - Trek to Hoi Village

We will hold a dawn service to remember those who served for their country. This will be an emotional experience and we slow down a little today to enjoy the moment and reflect on our own journey. After the service we take a short walk to Isurava Battle site, which is where the soldiers dug in, stood their ground and fought as hard as they could against the oncoming Japanese force. During this confrontation they were outnumbered about 2 to 1, and the stone pillars, that stand today, mark the characteristics displayed by the men - ‘Courage, Endurance, Mateship, Sacrifice’. After a late breakfast we will trek to Deneki through stunning scenery where choko vines have overtaken the vegetation along this part of the track. At Deneki, you are able to see down in the Yodda Valley, the Kokoda Airstrip in the distance. It is a further 30 minute descent into Hoi Village, our campsite for the night. Approx Walking time/distance: 5-6hrs / 11.3km; Ascent: 376m, Descent: 1273m

4 May - Trek to Kokoda; transfer to Girua (Popondetta) Airport, fly to Port Moresby

This morning there is a further 2-3 hours trekking to Kokoda. At Kokoda celebrations are enjoyed, and we will farewell the porters, the majority of whom will return to their villages. There may be an opportunity to visit the Kokoda War Museum (if open). Then we will travel to Girua (Popondetta) Airport for the 30 minutes flight back to Port Moresby. There are stops along the way so keep your camera handy. We like to get to the airport early to make the check in easy. Please be patient and flexible as things in PNG move a lot more slowly and not everything runs to schedule. Upon arrival in Port Moresby, you will be transferred to the Ela Beach Hotel. Remainder of the afternoon is at leisure. Trekkers must ensure that all their trekking gear is cleaned properly before the international flight to avoid any quarantine delays in Australia or your onward destination. Tonight we will enjoy a celebration meal together (at own expense), and reminisce on the sights and experiences of the Kokoda Track. Approx Walking time/distance: 2-3hrs / 7.5km; Ascent: 51m, Descent: 151m.

5 May - In Port Moresby, trip concludes

After breakfast, if you are leaving Papua New Guinea today, you will be transferred by the hotel shuttle bus to the airport for your flight home.

Additional Information

For many, the Kokoda Track is a fitting reminder of the Australian Army's heroic battles in 1942 to defend Port Moresby, in extraordinary conditions, from the advancing forces of the Japanese. In the company of our expert guide, we trek across the geographical heart of Papua New Guinea following trails from the tropical rainforests to the rarified climes of the Owen Stanley Ranges. At night we stay in secluded jungle camps close to traditional villages in some of the most remote regions of PNG. We take our time, allowing plenty of opportunity to embrace the history and local culture as well as meet the physical demands of this rugged track. It takes nine days to cover the 96km trail - offering tremendous rewards and a feeling of accomplishment as we complete the trek between the township of Kokoda and the highlands.

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