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Join Easter Island, transfer to hotel

Entrance fee to the Rapa Nui National Park must be purchased at the National Park booth before the arrivals hall in the airport (USD$80). Upon arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel. NOTE: DEPENDING ON YOUR ARRIVAL DAY, THE ORDER OF THE TOURS MAY DIFFER.

"The Route of Hotu Matua" full day island tour with BBQ lunch

NOTE: DEPENDING ON YOUR ARRIVAL DAY, THE ORDER OF THE TOURS MAY DIFFER. Today we will enjoy a full day tour of the island, which will include the following (approx 6 hours):- Ahu Akahanga archaeological site with many important ancient remains.- Ahu Tongariki - the biggest restored platform with 15 standing moai.- Rano Raraku - the quarry where the moai were made.- Ahu Te Pito Kura - archaeological site where you can see the semispherical stone with magnetic power named “The navel of the world”.- Ahu Nau Nau - 7 moai in front of Anakena beach- Anakena white coral sandy beach, with archaeological remains from the first settling on Rapa Nui (bring a swim suit).- Barbeque lunch

"Birdman Journey" tour of Orongo and "The Seven Explorers" tour of Akivi

NOTE: DEPENDING ON YOUR ARRIVAL DAY, THE ORDER OF THE TOURS MAY DIFFER.This morning we will enjoy a "Birdman Journey" half day tour of Orongo, which will include visits to the following: (approx 3 hours)- Rano Kao Volcano - the biggest crater on the island with a 1.6km diameter.- Orongo ceremonial village - with 53 restored houses and about 1000 petroglyphs.- Tahai ceremonial centre - made up of three restored altars, houses and cooking pits. - Ana Kai Tangata cave - a cavern that holds the island's only cave paintings. After the tour we will return to the hotel. Lunch at own expense. At approximately 3pm you will be picked up for your "The Seven Explorers" half day tour of Akivi, which will visit the following: (approx 3 hours)- Ahu Vinapu - with altars and archaeological remains.- Puna Pao - red scoria quarry where topknots for the moai were made.- Ahu Akivi "7 moai" - the only altar with statues looking seaward.- Ahu Riata - a well-restored ahu with a single moai on top.

Transfer to airport where trip concludes

Today you will be transferred to the airport, where services conclude.

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Explore and discover a unique cultural heritage on one of the most isolated islands on earth. Easter Island really is an unusual destination made famous by its monolithic stone Moai and ancient Pacific culture. This is an ideal stop over for anyone crossing from Chile to Australia or New Zealand. (Note: 3, 5, 6 or 7 day options are also available)

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