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Chiribiquete National Park Fly Over - 1 Day


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This is one of the last and biggest undiscovered areas by the western world

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Travel with us to be one of the first ever travelers to see Chiribiquete National Park from the sky. The government has issued 150 permits for all of 2019 for travelers to fly over this treasure which FlashpackerConnect has been able to secure. This is one of the last undiscovered areas in the world, deep inside the Amazon jungle.  With more than 2´500.00 square hectares of jungle and spectacular rock formations, the Guyanan Shield is one of the oldest formations in the world with some formations reaching heights of 1000 feet above the jungle floor.

Currently, the national park can only be viewed from the air as it is in the middle of the dense Amazon jungle, more than one week by boat from the closest town. Using satellite technology and recently confirmed by government exploratory fly overs, at least three separate tribes of indigenous populations have been discovered still living in isolation.  Due to risk of outside disease and in an effort to preserve the indigenous cultures, the Colombian government has restricted all access to the park by land and has limited flights the area with a hard bottom on all flyovers.

This is truly once in a lifetime experience to be a true exploring of the unexplored. Permits are extremely limited so make sure to reserve yours today!

2019 departure Dates:

June 8 (Sold Out)

July 5 to 8 (Sold Out)

June 30

July 20

October 26

October 27

December 7

December 18 to 21

December 29

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