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Baobabs of Madagascar

Antananarivo, Madagascar

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Marvel at Madagascar, a land of intoxicating nature, exotic wildlife, and unique flora — where 90% of species are endemic. Get up-close views of the island's many wonders, from the Avenue of Baobabs to the limestone pinnacles of Tsingy de Bemaraha, spotting lovable lemurs along the way. Travel by boat, 4WD, private charter flights and on foot, taking in Madagascar's most famous national parks and the sacred hills of Antananarivo. End each day soaking up bliss in boutique hotels, small beach resorts, magical camps, and deluxe eco-lodges.


Arrive at Antananarivo

Welcome to Antananarivo (a.k.a. "Tana" from the French colonial era), the capital and biggest city of Madagascar. Meet with a MT Sobek representative at the airport and transfer to the hotel in the upper town of Tana. Meet again in the evening for a festive welcome dinner at our hotel.

Take a Scenic Drive and Spot Lemurs in Andasibe

After breakfast, depart Tana for a three-hour drive east to Andasibe, a stunning rainforest park with two protected areas: the Perinet Special Reserve and Mantadia National Park. Perinet is world famous for its population of Indri, the largest living lemur species. En route to Andasibe, take in the rural life — rice fields, redbrick houses, roadside fruit, and vegetable stands. After check-in and lunch, head to Lemur Island, Vakona Lodge's private reserve that protects a number of habituated lemurs. Spot four species: bamboo, black-and-white ruffed, brown, and diademed sifaka lemur.

Explore Perinet Reserve and Take a Lemur Safari at Night

Explore the 810-hectare Perinet Reserve in search of the Indri lemur with barely visible tails, black-and-white markings, and teddy bear faces. On a walk through the lush rainforest, look out for 11 other lemur species, including the grey bamboo, the common brown, the diademed sifaka, and the black-and-white ruffed lemur. The reserve also has endemic birds such as the velvet asity, blue coua, and nuthatch vanga. Notice the orchids - Madagascar has over a thousand species! Come evening, look for nocturnal lemurs on a forest night walk.

Journey to Tsingy de Bemaraha

This morning, return to Tana to board a private charter flight to Tsingy de Bemaraha. Arrive to Amborondia, then transfer to the hotel for lunch. Nestled at the heart of a well-preserved nature park, Le Soleil des Tsingy is the ideal base for an extraordinary stay in the Tsingy of Bemaraha. For a leisurely afternoon, relax in the infinity pool and enjoy panoramic vistas.

Discover Grand Tsingy on a Walking Adventure

After breakfast, drive for a full-day exploration of Grand Tsingy. Tiptoe over the sharp roof of the Tsingy, cross a high-rope bridge, and meander through pockets of dry deciduous forest. Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this forest of 130- to 160-foot razor-sharp limestone peaks was produced by the erosion of limestone massifs over millions of years. The Tsingy shelters a startling array of wildlife, including 11 species of lemur, 103 species of birds, 15 species of bats, 22 species of amphibians, and a variety of reptiles.

Sunset Drive Through the Avenue of Baobabs

After breakfast, board a private charter flight to Morondava in the heart of Sakalava territory, known for its elaborately sculpted wooden royal tombs. Check into the hotel, have lunch, and enjoy a city tour before driving to the Avenue of the Baobabs for a beautiful sunset among the Adansonia grandidieri, the largest of Madagascar's six species of baobab.

Camp in the Heart of the Spiny Forest

After breakfast, board the private charter to Mandrare River camp. Upon arrival, settle into your tent and enjoy the majestic views over the Mandrare River. After a delicious barbecue lunch, enjoy some relaxation time, and around 5pm depart for a night walk in the Zenavo forest — a fantastic way to see diurnal lemurs bedding down, and the nocturnal lemurs begin to wake in the eerie Spiny Forest. Spot sifakas and sleeping white-footed sportive lemurs; once the sun has set, see two mouse lemur species, birds, chameleons, owls, and sporting lemurs.

Explore the Forest from Mandrare River Camp

After a delicious breakfast, continue to the sacred Gallery Forest in the south. Depending on the river depth, walk or take a boat across the Mandrare. Curious groups of ring-tailed lemurs and Verreaux's sifaka are the highlight of this excursion. Return to the camp for lunch and rest, then head for a walk through the sacred Spiny forest, filled with extraordinary wildlife and ancestral tombs of the Antandroy tribe. Get an introduction to the Antandroy culture and wrap up the day with sundowner cocktails by the riverbank.

Visit the Local Village and Meet the Antandroy Tribe

Watch sunlight break through the octopus trees on an early morning walk through Spiny Forest. Look out for endemic birds: the crested and running coua and a variety of vanga. Back at the camp, breakfast is followed by a visit to the local market (on Thursdays and Saturdays), or the nearby village to meet the fascinating Antandroy tribe. At 5pm, depart for sundowners amidst the baobabs. The moon rising across the baobabs to the mountains beyond is magical. In the evening, take in a traditional dance performance.

Fly to Antananarivo and Depart Madagascar

After an early breakfast, board a private charter back to Tana. On arrival, transfer to the Relais des Plateaux for a delicious lunch and then back to the airport for homeward-bound flights.

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Antananarivo, Madagascar


Antananarivo, Madagascar

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