5 Trail to Tavern Hikes in Colorado's Front Range

Colorado, United States


Mountains and beer. That's Colorado.

There's nothing sweeter than a day spent in the mountains with friends followed by a delicious meal and a well-earned beer. Colorado's Front Range is one of the very best destinations for folks who need to get their nature fix on a daily basis but don't have time to get out of town (it also doesn't hurt if you love a good craft beer). That’s why Toad&Co opened a store in partnership with Vital Outdoors in Golden, CO. Nestled right up against the Front Range, it's the perfect place to explore the mountains daily and still get to the office on time. Check out some of these awesome hikes in the area and come stop by the Toad&Co Store for a coffee and more tips on hikes and brews around the Front Range. 

1. Hike South Table Mountain

Photo: Kathleen Morton

South Table Mountain is a year-round go-to for Front Range hikers and even some runners. There’s a concrete staircase that makes for a great workout. Whether you hike or run, you’ll have earned yourself a drink and a baguette sandwich at Barrels and Bottles, right nearby in the heart of Golden.

2. Hike Matthews/Winters Park

Photo: Amy Kesic

The park is mostly open and exposed, which makes it a nice option on brisk but sunny days. We recommend bringing a picnic to eat at the top while you enjoy the beautiful views of Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater below. After you’re finished, head to Ski Bum Rum for one of their rich and creamy fireside concoctions.

3. Hike Panorama Point at Corwina Park

Photo: Amy Kesic

This area is full of great hiking and Corwina Park is definitely no exception, but it often goes overlooked because of more popular neighboring parks. This short and sweet trail packs a punch, though - the views are fantastic! Once you’ve finished up your hike, head to Little Bear Saloon for live music and a quick trip back in Rocky Mountain history.

4. Hike Chimney Gulch Trail at Windy Saddle Park

Photo: Matthew Eaton

With just over 1,000ft. of elevation gain, this is a slightly tougher hike than the others on our list, but the views (and the guilt-free second helping at the Cannonball Creek Brewing food trucks) will be well worth it.

5. Hike Mount Falcon

Photo: Johnathan Valdez

This is an easy, but scenic hike with amazing views and stunning fall leaves if you’re there in autumn. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, there are plenty of options to extend your hike. Green Mountain Beer Company is a great option for post-hike patio chillin’. They have an amazing list of beers and you’re welcome to bring your own food!

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Published: November 9, 2017


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