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Review: Kate's Real Food Energy Bars

Taste Authenticity.

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Someone help me; I cannot stop eating these bars! Whether I'm climbing, backcountry skiing, hiking or even working away at the office, these delicious bars are irresistible, and healthy, too! The brand's motto is: "Real Food. Real Energy." and wow! How true that is! 

About Kate's Real Food 

Kate Schade used to be a Jackson Hole ski bum. And like all of us adventurous souls, she was always on the move. To fuel her nonstop lifestyle involving long days on the slopes and nights waiting tables, she craved a tasty, organic energy bar. After searching far and wide with no luck, she decided to create her own.

After ample experimentation and, finally, perfection, Kate introduced her first bar - the Tram Bar - to her friends in Jackson Hole's tram line. Soon after, she garnered a tasteful, dedicated following. They constantly begged her to make more, and even to sell them. But, skiing powder every day was much more enjoyable than working a full-time gig. 

Eventually, though, she seized her opportunity and officially started Kate's Real Food in 2010, expanding the bar line to include six flavors, including the original Tram Bar (made of peanut butter and milk chocolate). 

Now, Kate continues to support those who are active, adventurous and health-conscious by providing flavorful, unique bars made with 100-percent organic ingredients. They're perfect for literally any activity, from trail running, skiing and backpacking to rock climbing, biking and hiking. 

The Bars! 

One of my favorite things about Kate's Real Food is the unique flavors. For the traditionalist, Kate's lineup includes the Tram Bar (as mentioned above) as well as the Grizzly and Handle Bars. The Grizzly Bar consists of peanut butter and dark chocolate while the Handle Bar is made of dark chocolate, cherries and almonds. 

For a twist on the classic peanut butter bar, Kate's Real Food mixed things up with the Stash Bar, which includes peanut butter, and a healthy nod to hemp and flax. Personally, I tend to shy away from meals or food heavy on flax and hemp. This isn't because I don't love these superfoods. It's because, in my experience, the flavor of foods made with these ingredients often tends to be a bit iffy. But, I thoroughly enjoy the Stash Bar because the hemp and flax isn't overdone. Rather, the Stash Bar is quite delicious!

Though, my all-around favorites are the Tiki and Bivy Bars. The Tiki Bar consists of mango and coconut while the Bivy Bar is made with lemon, coconut and ginger. I find these flavors to be quite different than most others on the market, and higher quality than those that are made with similar ingredients.

Speaking of ingredients, this is what truly sets Kate's Real Food on a different level from any other energy bar available right now. All of the bars, nix two, are made with just eight ingredients! And the other bars have nine and 10 ingredients, which are just extra seeds and sea salt, so does that even count?!

A Larabar may come to mind as having less ingredients, which wouldn't be an incorrect thought. But a Larabar is often loaded with sugar, which Kate's Real Food is not. Prior to my first experience eating a Kate's Real Food bar, I didn't stray much further than a Clif Bar or Larabar. But since the first time a Kate's bar touched my lips, I've never looked elsewhere. They've become my go-to trail and crag snack. 

Yes, Larabars have less ingredients and Clif bars are also made with mostly organic ingredients. But, every single Kate's Bar is made with 100-percent organic ingredients, all the way down to the organic ginger, organic whole grain brown rice flour and organic lemon extract! 

Further, they flaunt significantly less carbs and sugar, they're non-GMO and also gluten free. The most amount of sugar in one Kate's Bars is nine grams, which is quite the difference when considering the 20-plus-grams of sugar often found in a Clif Bar or Larabar.

The Verdict

If you couldn't tell by now, I absolutely love these bars. And despite what you may think, I'm not crazy! Others agree, too. Forbes Magazine declared Kate's Bars to be the "best little energy package made in America" and the Outdoor Gear Lab said they'd give these bars "a string of clapping hands and fist bump emojis." 

They have become my go-to since I ate my first one. I no longer second-guess the quality of my snack while in the office, on the trail or at the crag, and the flavors have me downright addicted. 

I sincerely believe that, when you eat Kate's Real Food for the first time, you'll become instantly hooked, too. Trust me, you'll never need any other bar in your crazy, adventurous life. 

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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