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Great Cycle Challange

In the month of October 2017, I participated in a cycling challenge that raised money for cancer research. My goal was to reach 500 km's and raise $600 in October. Could i do it?

Most of the km's i did was added together by doing small rides here and there, every now and then. A lot of them were made by going to school and back...which gave me 21 km's every day. 

Apart from doing small rides here and there and whenever i felt like it, i did two big(ger) rides. The first one was along Tonkin Hwy to Champion Lakes and around the lakes a few times. This was fairly easy on the way there as i had the wind helping me but when i came home again it was a bit more challenging. At the end of this ride i did a total of 67 km's. 

Another ride that i did was to King's Park and back. I rode along the freeway, there is a nice path along there that goes all the way to Perth. I started at Cockburn Shopping Center and rode to Kings Park. At Kings Park i rode around there for a bit and enjoyed the views. This ride gave me another 67 km's. 

So apart from these two big rides, i got the other km's from riding to school and riding around my house. And on the 31st of October i reached my goal. I got 500.1 km's!! 

Other than reaching my goal for riding i also reached my goal for the amount to raise. I raised $720 for helping kid's cancer research. This was an enjoyable challenge to do and it was also for a good cause. I enjoyed doing this challenge. 

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