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The Best Places Around the World to See Wildlife

Find your wilder side.

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There are few experiences as compelling as seeing wild animals in their natural habitat. Whether you run across a grizzly in Yellowstone National Park, or trek around Rwanda looking for gorillas, hanging with wildlife can make your heart beat faster with awe. 

Sometimes animals cross our paths by accident, but other times, we go looking for them. We caught up with our friends at tour company MT Sobek, who is celebrating 50 years of adventure travel this year, to uncover the best spots for wildlife spotting.


Madagascar is a wildlife lover's dream. Ninety-percent of the country's flora and fauna are endemic, meaning they exist in Madagascar and nowhere else in the world. MT Sobek's 10-day Baobabs trek travels by boat, foot, 4WD, and private charter flights to see multiple species of lemurs, birds, amphibians, and baobabs. 

You'll also have the chance to visit ancestral forests of the indigenous Antandroy people, climb the limestone pillars of Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, and camp in the heart of the eerie Spiny Forest.


Giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, iguanas, and sea lion await on an adventurous cruise to the Galapagos Islands. This volcanic archipelago, which is over 600 miles from the coast of Ecuador, is geographically isolated and full of endemic species. 

Made famous by Charles Darwin's visit in the 19th century, traveling to the Galapagos with MT Sobek includes luxurious yacht accommodations while you explore the eastern islands of Española, San Cristobal, and Genovesa.

East Africa

When you think "wildlife safari" you're probably thinking of Africa, and you're not wrong. A big-game safari is a bucket list item for many travelers, and a trip to Kenya and Tanzania in eastern Africa will definitely deliver.

Enjoy the beauty of the African landscape while looking for wildebeest, leopards, elephants, hippos, crocodiles, and lions in parks, reserves, and private concessions. MT Sobek is dedicated to keeping you away from the crowds, so you'll stay in remote wilderness lodgings that don't scrimp on comfort.

India & Nepal

For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, join MT Sobek on a special "Save the Tiger" adventure tour through India and Nepal in March 2020. Join top guide Brian Weirum on a journey through the land of the critically endangered Bengal Tiger. On-the-ground conservationists will be on hand to discuss the threats to the Bengal tiger and the opportunities for their survival. 

This 15-day trip includes visits to India's Bandhavgarh National Park, Nepal's Bardia National Park, scenic flights, and a visit to the famous Chandela dynasty temples of Khajuraho in India.


Stay in eco-lodges during your trip to the island of Borneo, a rugged landscape that has everything from steamy rainforests to white-sand beaches. Home to rare and endangered wildlife, a trek to this Malaysian destination includes the chance to see pygmy elephants, langurs, and orangutans. If you don't have a bird life list, you may want to start one—Borneo is teeming with avian life.

This 11-day trip features the Sepilok Forest Reserve, a riverboat cruise on the Kinabatangan River, a hike through the rainforest, and a jaunt to Pom Pom Island.

Explore the best places on earth to see wildlife with MT Sobek.

All photos, including the cover photo, courtesy of MT Sobek

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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