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Our Top Gear Picks from Outdoor Retailer Summer 2018

Check out the latest in outdoor and travel products.

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Outdoor Retailer is a smorgasbord of amazing products from hundreds of brands, big and small, old and new. We spent a few days on the floor seeing what's new and exciting for the year. Here are some of our highlights from the show:

Mountain Smith Bugaboo Pack | Available Spring 2019

We love a good throwback. These new packs from Mountain Smith look like you found them in your dad's garage and they're meant to last long enough for you to pass on to your kids, too. Time will tell, but they sure look cool!

Chaco Odyssey Sport Sandal | Available Spring 2019 

Even in the summer, some rivers and lakes are still pretty damn cold. Not cold enough for full-on booties, but cold enough that you want your toes covered. Chaco has the solution with their Odyssey sandals...they're basically half water shoe, half Chaco Classic Zs.

Midland Radio T290 | Available January 2019

Who didn't love playing with walkie-talkies as a kid?! For climbing, caravanning, hiking...anytime you're out of cell service but really want (or need!) to be in touch with someone out of speaking distance, these would be clutch. They're lightweight and small enough to easily slide inside a day pack.

Hydro Flask National Park Foundation Collection | Available Spring 2019

Hydro Flask sets the standard for insulated water bottles and now they've upgraded in style and purpose. These beautiful bottles inspired by some of America's most treasured national parks also help support the National Parks Foundation, the official charity of the national parks.

Outdoor Research Interstellar Bivy | Available Spring 2019

Outdoor Research is "blurring the lines between shelter and apparell" with this new bivy. You know those freezing mornings in the mountains when you really don't want to get out of your tent to make your coffee? That's where this thing comes handy. It'd also be perfect for the light and fast backpacker.

Dakine John John Florence Surf Leash | Available Now

John John Florence (AKA the current surfing world champion) worked with Dakine to not only create a fantastic product, but he also demanded zero plastic use in the packaging. Dakine spent months delaying getting the products on the shelf to satisfy JJF, setting a new precedent that will hopefully continue to grow as a trend across the industry. We're stoked to give these a run for their money surfing at Ocean Beach in San Francisco this fall and winter.

SCARPA Vapor V Climbing Shoe | Available Spring 2019

Scarpa is aiming to find that sweet, sweet balance between comfort and aggressive performance with the Vapor V climbing shoes. Pro climber Nina Caprez uses them as her everyday shoe, so they must perform pretty well. 

MSR Gravity Filter | Available Spring 2019

If you're backpacking or camping with a big group and need to filter water, the MSR Gravity Filter would be an ideal addition to the group's gear list. Rather than everyone spending time gathering and filtering water, you can knock out 10 liters at a time.

Therm-a-Rest Hyperion 20 Sleeping Bag | Available Spring 2019

This bag was designed for objectives that demand a light pack without sacrificing a good night's sleep. We couldn't believe how small and light this thing packs down.

Wolf Grizzly M1 Grill Kit | Available Now

It is about time someone came up with a truly ultralight campfire grill for backpacking and vanlife. The best design is always invisible.

Kelty G.Y.S.T. Big G | Available Spring 2019 

If you're anything like us, you probably have way too much gear piling up in your garage, car, bedroom, living room, etc., etc. Having all of your activity-specific gear pre-packed and ready to throw in the car for whatever adventure you've got planned will simplify your life. Plus, they breakdown to nearly flat so they don't take up space when not in use.

Tepui Lightning Hard Shell Tent | Available Now

Tepui has been a leader in the rooftop tent space for nearly a decade. Always working to innovate and improve, Tepui's new Lightning is their first hardshell tent and addresses crucial feedback from their customers; it's the first product to include roofrack compatability and it's easily popped up with one person. It also includes a solar-powered ventilation system...that's tough to beat! The only downside of the Lightning is the pricepoint ($3,800), but you'll get what you pay for.

Eureka! Camp Cafe | Available January 2019

There are a lot of good camp coffee solutions out there, but making coffee for a big group is usually not the focus. Eureka!'s Camp Cafe seems to have solved that problem. All the pieces nest together for easy storage between home and the campsite and you can brew upwards of 10 cups of coffee at a time.

Lander Neve Lightning Cable | Available Now

A lightning cable with a lifetime guarantee? Enough said. But we'll also say they're woven with reflective technology, so they're easy to find in your dark car, tent, bedroom, or wherever.

JetBoil Summit Skillet | Available January 2019

If you've ever hauled your skillet from the kitchen up backpacking, you probably regretted it. Not all backpacking kitchen sets come with a proper skillet so not only does this piece fill that void, it also does it right. This thing is super light and comes with a handy little spatula. We're stoked to give this a try in the backcountry - grilled cheese, anyone?

Sunski Recycled Sunglasses | Available Now

The ever-versatile, ever-stylish multi-use sunglasses from Sunski now come in an all-recycled collection, and the timing couldn't be better.

Bedrock Cairn 3D Adventure Sandals | Available Now

We love this version of the tough, all-round multi-use sandal, the Cairn 3D from Bedrock. Vibram soles are always a smart move and the ankle strap makes them useful in serious hiking and climbing situations.

RMU Tailgat Locker Truck Pad | Available Now

This thing is rad. If you're a mountain biker with a pick-up truck, you'll love this thing. With easy storage for tools and, more importantly, beverages (yes, it has a built-in cooler pouch), it's the perfect addition to your MTB rig. 

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter | Available Now

Watching this thing work feels like magic. It's so small and lightweight, you'll never regret tucking it into your pack before a hike or backpacking trip where filtering water may be a necessity.

SealLine Urban Dry Bag | Available Spring 2019

Dry packs aren't just for kayaking or rafting. Keep your valuables safe and dry on your daily commute. For those commuting on two wheels in cities with heavy rain, this pack could be a lifesaver.

BitchStix SPF 30 Collection | Available Now

Natural, organic ingredients with aromatherapy essential oils, and all proceeds go to help support survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault...we’re so excited to try out BitchStix products.

Adidas Terrex Free Hiker | Available Spring 2019

Adidas calls this shoe their "hiking boot with trail running DNA" so color us interested. It looks really comfortable, feels super lightweight, and the tread is solid.

Nite Ize Hitch and Phone Tether | Available Now

For climbers, bikers, or just generally clumsy phone owners, this phone anchor could save you hundreds of dollars. Next time you want to snap that shot while you're taking a break on a big climb, you can do so with no worries.

Lems Boulder Boot | Available Now

These shoes seem to be a cross between slippers and boots. They're tough enough to hike around in variable terrain (although, definitely not for a long hike), comfortable enough to wear around the house, and look nice enough to wear on the town. They would be ideal everyday footwear, so long as you're not looking to put in a ton of miles on the trail.

Costa / Bureo's Untangled Collection | Available Now

These shades look good and do good...yup, another pair of sunglasses made of recycled plastic. We love this new trend! Costa and Bureo have teamed up to create high quality sunglasses out of recycled fishing nets. Fishing nets make up 10% of ocean plastic waste and are up to four times more harmful than other types of plastic waste. We're stoked on these!

Sierra Designs High Route Tent | Available Spring 2019

For ultralight backpacking or thru hiking, this updated verson of Sierra Design's High Route would be the ideal choice. If you really want to slim down on your base weight, you can use the High Route as a tarp only at just 1 lb 1 oz.

Kokopelli Rogue Packraft | Available Now (Yellow Pre-Sale)

We never thought a personal packraft would be on our "must-have" list, but after giving this thing a try at Outdoor Retailer, it's quickly earned a spot. It packs down unbelievably small and light and is a ton of fun to paddle around.

Danner Trail 2650 | Available Spring 2019

When you think of Danner, you might think of big, bulky boots. They've earned that reputation with many of their products, but we're excited to see how these trail shoes perform. They're inspired, both in technical and aesthetic design, by the Pacific Crest Trail and the Mountain Light Cascade boot that trekked the PCT in the movie Wild.

Wild Country Revo Belay Device | Available Now

This is an exciting new piece of gear for climbers. It's basically a traditional tube style belay device with an auto-locking mechanism. Rope can feed either direction smoothly, making for really quick and smooth feeding for lead climbers. One feature we loved is that the rope itself isn't pinched when it catches, rather it sits on a wheel in the device and the wheel itself is stopped when it reaches free fall velocity. It's no replacement for your GriGri, but it's an innovative new option for your belay device quiver.

Peak Design Travel Backpack | Available Now

Peak Design has done their Kickstarter magic once again, raising $2.1M (of their $500,000 goal). Their new travel backpack meets their usual standard of simple and efficient design for on-the-go photographers, this time with a larger pack (45L) meant for longer trips (or more gear...or both). Product available for purchase now on Kickstarter, delivers in December 2018.

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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