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Meet the Team Building the Outbound Collective

We're hosting a virtual meet-up at 5pm EST/8pm EST on Thursday, March 25th, and we want to see you there!

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The last year has been a lot -- we’ve taken the time to grieve what we’ve lost, support equality, vote, be present for our families and friends, dance in our underwear, listen to our inner voices, and gotten to be besties with our delivery drivers. And now it’s time for us to reconnect!

We hope that you’ll join us for this super casual get together -- to appreciate each other's smiling faces, catch up, share long-in-the-works plans, meet new adventure buddies, and collectively share a high five as we inch closer to “normal” with every passing day.

P.S. To help in fostering better connections, we’ll have a 50 attendee limit. You can register here.

What's on the itinerary? You'll meet our founders and team members and enjoy a little reveal of our respective "2 truths & a lie". (Curious about that? Keep scrolling!) Then our founders are going to share an update about the goings-on with the company and platform, and what you can expect from us in the near future.

Next, we'll keep the conversation going in breakout rooms and free-form conversation. So come ready with some topics you'd like us to discuss!

A brief intro to our team at The Outbound Collective

Brian Heifferon (he/him) is a co-founder and CEO, which basically means he does a little bit of everything at this stage in the company. He lives in San Rafael, CA (ancestral home of the Coast Miwok) with his wife and two young kids. His favorite outdoor activities are surfing, bodysurfing, camping, hiking, and bonfires at the beach.

2 truths & a lie:

  • Brian has broken his nose six times.
  • Brian has spent years acting, singing, and tap dancing.
  • Brian has ridden his bike from San Francisco to Santa Barbara.

    Tyler Drake (he/him) is one of the founders of the Outbound Collective. He gets to wear a few hats from overseeing operations to growing content and to all the exciting things around budgeting and forecasting. He calls North Beach in San Francisco, CA (Ramaytush Ohlone land) home and is passionate about his 6-month old daughter, Harper, breakfast burritos, and building a more inclusive outdoors.

    2 truths & a lie:

    • Tyler loves swimming in the SF bay even though it's in the low to mid 50s most of the year.
    • Tyler broke both of his arms at the same time.
    • Tyler was voted SF Foodie of the Year -- 3 years running. 

    Mina Okpi (She/yo/they) is the Community and Community Partnership Manager for The Outbound where she's helping to build stronger engagement and community vibes amongst our adventurers going forward. She resides in Long Island, NY (Munsee Lenape/Lekawe (Rockaway)land) and in her free time she loves family time, exploring, traveling, Afrobeats, eating and making new friends.

    2 truths & a lie:

    • Mina broke her arm skiing once.
    • Mina really likes chickens and wants some as pets.
    • Mina had some amazing pizza in Slovakia.

    Ty Rauber (he/him) leads engineering at The Outbound, building, breaking and fixing things, and scaling the platform to meet the needs of the community. Originally from the West Coast, Ty enjoys travel, outdoorsy things, the 9-5 grind, and is currently lost in the Caribbean.

    2 truths & a lie:

    • Ty built a predecessor to iTunes 3 years before Apple.
    • Ty traveled around the US, living and working out of an airstream trailer.
    • Ty converts old muscle cars to all electric vehicles.

    Meghan White (she/her) manages The Outbound’s partnerships with brands and DMOs. Having grown up in Salida, CO, and now living in Encinitas, CA, she loves anything and everything that has to do with being in the outdoors. She has an extreme passion for laidback bike rides with friends, and sharing beers over a campfire (or sharing beers over anything, really).

    2 truths & a lie:

    • One of Meghan’s all time favorite songs is Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet.
    • Meghan knows how to brew beer from scratch.
    • Meghan once broke her elbow snowboarding and didn’t know about it until 4 days later.

    Yasmine Ashley (she/her) Runs all thing social media! Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are her second home. She resides in So Cal, so you might spot her on the freeway anywhere between Los Angeles and Encinitas! She’s just as comfortable in the ocean on her surfboard as she is camping in the sequoias.

    2 truths & a lie:

    • Yasmine jumped out of a plane in Hawaii.
    • Yasmine took a cruise down the Nile in Egypt.
    • Yasmine escaped an angry monkey attack in Bali.

    Jen Caudill (she/her) heads up all things editorial with resident and contributing writers, narrative strategies, and storytelling collaborations with industry and community partners. She resides in Petaluma, CA, on ancestral Coastal Miwok land, and is passionate about honey bees (she keeps a hive in her backyard), wild horses, and equal pay for women in the outdoor industry.

    2 truths & a lie:

    • Jen carries her 63lb golden retriever in a backpack when terrain gets rocky on day hikes.
    • Jen got a double ear infection from lounging in Iceland's Blue Lagoon during a rainstorm.
    • Jen loves mountain biking even though she is afraid of heights.

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    Thursday, March 25th 2021, 5 pm PST (8 pm EST)

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      We can't wait to meet you!

      We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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