Exploring Alberta: Through The Lens Of Andy Best

By: The Outbound Collective
November 30, 2014

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We recently caught up with photographer/cinematographer and our good buddy, Andy Best. Over a couple of frosty Portland IPAs, he shared with us with a few of his favorite memories from his latest trip to Alberta.

Give us a little background on your most recent trip to Alberta.

The whole conversation started by my friends at Overland Empire out of Florida. They invited me up to Alberta for a weekend of camping, exploring, and good times. Travel Alberta was ever so gracious to sponsor the trip and get us all there, while local friends Treeline Outdoors hosted the weekend in their backyard around Waterton Provincial Park. It was a trip for the ages that didn’t stop there. Travel Alberta extended the invitation to me to stay for the next week and explore their beautiful province. The rest is history.

What was the most amazing thing you shot?

It’s so hard to pick the most amazing moment on these trips and especially in a place like Alberta. I experienced some of the greatest moments of my life on this trip, but I’d have to say the most unique was experiencing the northern lights, for the first time, in Dinosaur Provincial Parks, (AKA The Badlands).

What was your best memory from the trip?

The best memory from the trip has to be trying to comprehend the beauty of Alberta in its entirety. It’s hard to process that much in such a short amount of time, so I often reflect on the trip by looking through photos. It was an honor to see all that I did and to share it with amazing people along the way. I truly believe that the connection with like minded people enhanced the experience tenfold. Thanks to all those who made this trip special.

What are the key things you brought that you couldn’t live without?

No joke and this is no shamless plug, just fact...the gear I take with me is absolutely essential. Starting from the Treeline Tent, to all my Goal Zero gear that keeps me powered up, all my sponsor gear is necessary for a trip like this. I live out of my Jeep for weeks at a time, so having the right equipment is key. And if you're lucky enough to have one, a key guide is essential. Thankfully, my buddy Chad knows this country like the back of his hand.

Where was the best beer?

No offense Alberta, but it was in my cooler brought all the way from Portland. The capital of delicious provisions.

Andy best is a photographer, cinematographer, backpacker, and all-around explorer based out of Portland, but he's always on to the next adventure. You can check out more of his work here.

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