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Explorer Spotlight: Shawn Grenninger

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Name: Shawn Grenninger | Age: 33 | Location: Jersey Shore, PA.

What’s your day job? 

Technical Assistant in Customer Service.

What are your favorite things to do outside?

Kayaking, it’s relaxing and a great stress reliever. Hiking, I like to get to and see things that you wouldn’t be able to without some effort.

What first drew you to the outdoors?

I have always enjoyed the outdoors; however, an interest in photography motivated me to spend more time outdoors. I then had an interest in photography from kayak for a new perspective. Once I had the kayak, I was hook on being outdoors.

What’s your favorite hometown adventure? ...and, almost as important, where’s your favorite spot to get a beer after? 

Kayaking Pine Creek, there are several options to paddle different sections of the creek. One section passes Hotel Manor which is a great place to pit stop for a beer and sandwich while sitting on a deck overlooking the creek. Riepstine’s Pub is by far my favorite spot to stop for an after adventure beer, small town brewpub with a great selection and good people.

What’s your essential gear that never gets left at home?

Hammock, no matter how strenuous the adventure may be, there is always a place to hang a hammock and RELAX!

What’s your favorite trail snack?

Beef Jerky, when I have the chance I make my own.

Any go-to soundtracks when you’re hitting the road?

I’m a 90’s kid, so some good rock from that period, Tool, RATM, STP, AIC just to name a few.

What’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened while you were adventuring? And/ or funniest? 

While solo hiking Pine Island Vista, as I was descending the ridge line on a rocky path and while stepping down over a rock I noticed black scales directly beneath me. In mid step I lunged forward as best I could to clear what was a large black timber rattlesnake. He was not pleased with my presence and began to rattle, I would have preferred an advanced warning rather than it taking me almost stepping on it to get the rattle going. 

Who’s your number one adventure partner-in-crime? Who inspires you?

My brother, Colby, I have been on more adventures with him than anyone else and he is up for anything. 

What are your top destinations for adventure travel?

Adirondacks, it’s a place I need to visit more frequently, so many beautiful spots.

What's on the top of your must-do adventure list right now?

Oregon has always been a dream spot & I’m heading there in August. Next thing that is unplanned is section 3 of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail to continue my section paddle of 740 mile canoe trail.

Show us your most memorable photo, and tell us about it!

Hard to choose one, but I’ll go with this shot from Raven’s Horn Vista with my previous pup, Layla. This vista is on the Golden Eagle Trail which is one of the best day hikes in Pennsylvania and I have hiked it several times.  Layla, my lab mix, loved being outdoors as much as I and we hiked many miles together. If no one else was available, I always had her to be my hiking partner. She also had a little fear of heights, she wasn’t real keen on climbing up on this rock, but I was able to get her up with me and it is one of the best photos we have together. 

And last but not least…What’s your personal motto?

Get outdoors and take it all in!

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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