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Explorer Spotlight: Beau Ramsey

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Name: Beau Ramsey | Age: 35 | Location: Washington State

What’s your day job?
I’m owner and operator of a Construction Company

What are your favorite things to do outside?
I love to explore all aspects of the backcountry and off trail routes to obscure peaks.

What first drew you to the outdoors?
I’ve been drawn to the outdoors for as long as I can remember! When I moved close to the Cascade Mountain Range in 2001 I was instantly drawn to the Mountains.

What’s your favorite hometown adventure? ...and, almost as important, where’s your favorite spot to get a beer after?
My hometown is in Long Beach, Wa. One of my favorite adventures that I’ve done since I could walk was dig razor clams in the Pacific Ocean. My favorite spot for a beer is on a summit or on the tailgate of my truck after an epic adventure.

What’s your essential gear that never gets left at home?
Well I have different gear depending on what my adventure is and what the weather conditions are. So some of my gear is constantly changing, but I normally don’t leave the house without my camera.

What’s your favorite trail snack?
Twizzlers is pretty high on the list. Is whiskey a snack?

Any go-to soundtracks when you’re hitting the road?
I’m currently listening to Odessa out of Seattle right now. Really anything that gets me stoked for the Mountains! I like to call my playlist “Mountain Music”.

What’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened while you were adventuring? And/or, the funniest?
Probably losing the route a couple springs ago in a mountain snow storm. We descended the summit at dusk and a big snow storm moved in. Once into the thick timber a blanket of thick fog made route-finding difficult and things started to turn dangerous as we walk along cliff bands. We found a small 2’ tall x 10’ long x 3’ deep rock cave that we bivied in for the night in low temperatures and no overnight gear. It was a big wake up call to know the weather conditions and invest in a good GPS. We made it out the next day. Real Cold night cuddling with another man!

Who’s your number one adventure partner-in-crime? Who inspires you?
I would have to say my good friends Tony and Annie! I do happen to go on a lot of solo adventures! I love the solitude, but it’s nice to have the camaraderie of good friends and being able to share laughs together.

What are your top destinations for adventure travel?
I spend a lot of my time on the Mountain Loop Highway outside of Darrington, WA. In a sense, those Mountains feel like home to me.

What’s on the top of your must-do adventure list right now?
Finish off climbing all the Washington Volcanoes.

Show us one of your most memorable photos.

And last but not least…What’s your personal motto?
My motto always changes a bit as I grow and change into who I am. I guess the common thread for me is the fact that life is so short. Don’t waste all your time collecting things, but go out and make memories! Go adventure, keep it safe but also a little wild!

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We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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