Adventure Roundup: Wildflowers, Monoliths, and Mossy Waterfalls

The Adventure Roundup is a weekly recap of a few of our favorite adventures that were recently published on our website.

1. Hike to Clearwater Falls

Tucked away in south-central Oregon, this waterfall is surprisingly overlooked, especially considering how awesome it is. Head here for small crowds and water cascading over the mossy mess of rocks and fallen trees. Learn more.

2. Hike to Beaver Falls From Havasu Campground

You may hesitate when thinking of adding an additional 8-mile round trip hike to the backpacking trip to Havasu Campground, but these falls and swimming hole are well worth the extra leg burn. Learn more.

3. Hike to Gimli Ridge

Make the 6-mile round trip hike to reach stunning views of the Valhalla Alpine region and gain an intimate experience with the huge monolith that is Gimli Peak. Learn more.

4. Hike Cape Horn

Just 35 minutes east of Portland, Cape Horn offers great trails and views of wildflowers. If you're short on time, you can drive to the top and soak it all in at the overlook. Learn more.

5. Hike to Jumbo Pass

6 miles and 2,000 feet of elevation gain are a small price to pay for the incredible views of Jumbo and Karnak Mountains to the east, and the massive Horseshoe Glacier draping off the side of Cauldron Mountain to the southwest. Learn more.

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Published: June 22, 2015

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