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When asked to define adventure, Will and Jim Pattiz have this to say: “Adventure is risk. Adventure is taking a chance, exploring something new and exciting, venturing into the unknown, the seeking of something uncertain. Adventure puts the life into living.” Originally from Georgia, these two brothers are the founders of More Than Just Parks , a project dedicated to visiting and documenting all 59 national parks. So far, they have gotten through thirteen of them, and produced films on three. They chose Olympic National Park in Washington as their first because of its “incredible diversity.”

Over the course of this short film, we get a taste of that diversity as we are taken on a journey through misty old growth forests, foggy wilderness seacoast, towering glacial peaks, and down to moss-covered woodlands. Most of the film is shot in time-lapse and, with a crew of three, it took over 30 days and 500 miles to capture the footage. As the camera pans over the snowy Olympic Mountain range, the sheer beauty of this Pacific Northwest treasure is enough to make you want to get out and tackle the 59 yourself.

Find more videos from More Than Just Parks onVimeo.

Published: April 6, 2015

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