25 New York Adventures with Stunning Fall Foliage

New York gets the best of every season - or maybe worst? Looking at you frigid winters and swampy summers - but fall in the Adirondacks and beyond is our favorite time to be in New York.

Whether you're going for an overnight trip into the backcountry, out for a quick day hike, or simply a pleasure cruise upstate in the car, right now is an amazing time to experience the outdoors in New York. With the summer heat gone and fall leaves going off, you won't regret hitting up any of these adventures this weekend. Check out some of our favorite fall adventures in New York and pick a few to explore before the leaves have all fallen!  

Adventure by Shawn Grenninger

Adventure by Janet Thomas

Adventure by Shaun O'Neill

Adventure by Rebecca Nichols

Adventure by Rebecca Nichols

Adventure by Shawn Grenninger

Adventure by Brian Maley

Adventure by Brian Maley

Adventure by Christopher Zajac

Adventure by The Outbound

Adventure by Rebecca Nichols

Adventure by Michael Martineau

Adventure by The Outbound

Adventure by Lara Paul

Adventure by The Outbound

Adventure by Timothy Behuniak

Adventure by Rebecca Nichols

Adventure by Rebecca Nichols

Adventure by The Outbound

Adventure by John Maurizi

Adventure by Michael Martineau

Adventure by The Outbound

Adventure by John Maurizi

Adventure by Nickolis Irby

Adventure by The Outbound

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Cover photo: Shawn Grenninger

Published: October 9, 2018

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