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18 Incredible Hot Springs You Need To Explore

Prepare to unwind.

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Is there any better way to cap off a day of adventuring than soaking in a natural hot springs pool and taking in the twilight hours? Nope. There just isn't. There's no short supply of hot springs out there and we've rounded up 18 of our favorites for you to relax in. Some are tranquil riverside pools, others are cliffside springs, and some are basically a pool party in the mountains...in hot water. So take a look at our list, grab your swimsuit and friends, and prepare to unwind. You deserve it.

1. Rocky Canyon Hot Springs | Idaho

Photo: Dusty Klein

The Rocky Canyon Hot Springs is the perfect example of the countless pristine rivers and geothermal pools in Idaho. You won't want to leave. Learn more.

2. Ahousat Flores Island Warm Springs | Canada

Photo: Rumon Carter

Take a one hour boat ride and make the short hike to these tranquil springs. You'll find they're really like nothing else. Learn more.

3. Travertine Hot Springs | California

Photo: IdleTheoryBus

Treat yourself to a soak after bagging one of the nearby peaks in the Sierra or skip the peak and go straight for the chillin. Learn more.

4. Strawberry Park Hot Springs | Colorado

Photo: Amy Kesic

If you really want to treat yourself, Strawberry Hot Springs Park offers some luxury accomodations like a spa and massage amid a natural setting near Steamboat Springs. Learn more.

5. Wild Willy's Hot Springs | California

Photo: Greg Balkin

Nearby BLM land makes this a super easy spot to camp and the hot springs are incredible. Learn more.

6. Summer Lake Hot Springs | Oregon

Photo: Aaron Selig

Take a dip in the springs inside this rustic barn just a few hours drive outside of Bend. Learn more.

7. Potosi Hot Springs | Montana

Photo: Seth Langbauer

There are a ton of great hikes right near the springs so go explore then rest up in the springs afterwards. Learn more.

8. Hot Creek | California

Photo: Gregg Boydston

This spot is equally well suited for chillin in the springs as it is for photography. The scenery is pretty incredible. The traditional springs at the geological site are closed, but there are a ton of other pools within a short walk. Learn more.

9. Fifth Water Waterfalls and Hot Springs | Utah

Photo: Jacob Moon

This spot features waterfalls and has multiple pools - pick the right temperature for you and enjoy. Learn more.

10. Conundrum Hot Springs | Colorado

Photo: Kyle Frost

Let's call this the party pool. This popular springs brings in lot of backpackers and if you're all very friendly, you can fit everyone in no problem. Learn more.

11. Hippie Hot Springs | Wyoming

Photo: Christina Adele Warburg

This one is a hidden gem and you'll find smaller crowds than surrounding springs nearby. Learn more.

12. Big Sur Hot Springs | California

Photo: George Miller

Take in the rugged Northern California coast from a cliffside pool of hot springs. That's about as ideal as it can get. Learn more.

13. Sloquet Hot Springs | Canada

Photo: Emily Masse

With mulitple pools nestled in the woods and soothing water, this is a really nice, tranquil escape. Learn more.

14. Saratoga Hot Springs | Utah

Photo: Eric Bennett

This hot springs is great year round and the perfect spot to unwind and take in the sunset. Learn more.

15. Keyhole Hot Springs | Canada

Photo: Kelly Marchant

Get here early or call in sick and head out on a weekday to avoid sharing the smaller pools. If you're lucky and get them to yourself, it's a pretty serene way to spend the day. Learn more.

16. Boiling River | Montana

Photo: Elliott Kramer

If you've visited the Yellowstone area, we know you've been tempted at least once to jump in the geothermal pools. Now you can...safely and legally. Learn more.

17. Goldmyer Hot Springs | Washington

Photo: Gemina Garland-Lewis

This hot springs amid the old remains of a mining town delivers steadily flowing water to a set of tiered pools along the mountainside. Learn more.

18. Ventana Wilderness Hot Springs | California

Photo: Blake Maitoza

While doable as a day trip, this makes for an ideal backpacking trip to stay late night in the pools. Learn more.

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