16 Amazing Swimming Holes To Help You Cool Off


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Does the summer heat have you stuck inside clinging to your air conditioning? We recommend the alternative - cool off in one (or all!) of these amazing swimming holes amidst incredible scenery. Whether you want to sweat a little before your swim, or jump straight in from the parking lot, there is something for everyone on this list. So pack up the car with friends and the cooler with drinks and beat the heat this summer with any of these amazing swimming holes.

1. Blue Springs | Florida

Have you ever seen water so blue? This pool is huge so bring a couple car loads and enjoy the water with friends. Learn more.

Photo: Em Renly

2. Beaver Falls | Arizona

This multi-tiered swimming hole is well worth the addition 8 mile hike from Havasu Campground. Learn more.

Photo: Gemina Garland-Lewis

3. Pixie Falls | Washington

This waterfall and swimming hole combo is the perfect way to escape the heat and the crowds. Learn more.

Photo: Stephen Bellrichard

4. Jacob's Well | Texas

This 24 ft deep riverbed swimming hole makes for an awesome spot to escape the summer heat. Learn more.

Photo: Korey Taylor

5. 1000 Steps Tide Pools | California

Chillin in seaside tide pools...it doesn’t get much better than this. Keep an eye out for marine life! Learn more.

Photo: Kat Carney

6. Havasu Falls | Arizona

Havasupai means the “people of the blue-green water.” Once you get there, you’ll understand why. Learn more.

Photo: Juan Moreno

7. Looking Glass Falls | North Carolina

The pool at the base of this 60 foot waterfall makes for a great spot to cool off. Learn more.

Photo: Steve Yocom

8. Twin Falls | Washington

There is a really nice pool with a riverbed rock beach that is perfect for an afternoon of lounging and swimming the PNW forest. Learn more.

Photo: Michael Matti

9. Fossil Creek Falls | Arizona

Jump from the cliffs into the deep, cool swimming hole beneath these gorgeous falls. Learn more.

Photo: Dane Nilsson

10. Devil’s Punchbowl | California

After hiking under the San Diego sun, you'll be ready for a dip in this pool surrounded by 75 foot cliffs. Learn more.

Photo: John Lemieux

11. Enders Falls | Connecticut

With just a half mile hike, this swimming hole at the base of Enders Falls is ideal for families. Learn more.

Photo: Shannon Kalahan

12. Hamilton Pool Preserve | Texas

It’s tough to beat the heat during the summer in Texas, but this is one great option. Learn more.

Photo: Sarah Williams

13. Blue Hole and Shoals Creek Falls | Georgia

The water at Blue Hole Falls is amazingly clear and it's a great place for people to come and swim. Learn more.

Photo: Tiffany Lechner

14. Paradise Falls | North Carolina

This waterfall oasis offers multiple swimming holes and plenty of falls to explore. Learn more.

Photo: Rob Giersch

15. Big Sur River Gorge | California

Swim your way up past the first swimming hole and find all the others upstream for smaller crowds. Learn more.

Photo: Blake Maitoza

16. Bald River Falls | Tennessee

Crystal clear water cascades 90 feet into this tranquil pool - the ideal destination for a summer afternoon. Learn more.

Photo: Mason Boring

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Published: June 24, 2015

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