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11 Black outdoor adventurers we dig

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We love seeing what adventurers are up to. They share fun stories, inspirational trip reports, and advice on what to do (and not to do!) outdoors. Here are 11 awesome Black adventurers to consider adding to your social feeds.

1. Brianna

Brianna shares her playful sense of humor in pun-filled captions like this selfie! She often takes her beautiful pup hiking and camping and it is a treat to get a little peak into how she spends time outdoors!

2. Erica Lee

Image courtesy of Erica Lee.

Erica is not afraid of the cold. She will kayak in it, camp overnight on a mountain in it, and overall embrace the winter in a way we envy! 

3. Sol (Shanice)

Shanice recently moved from working in retail to joining a trail crew in Seattle. It's been so fun getting a glimpse into her new gig removing invasive species, preventing plant problems, and getting to know her coworkers!

4. Alexis Martin

Alexis says she is impatiently waiting for wildflower season and we could not agree more! She is an incredible photographer, but her Instagram is reserved for photos of herself in the wild! It's nice to see the person behind the camera.

5. Myishia Renee

Myishia fills her Instagram and Youtube with fishing! Watch the shimmy shimmy of a catfish who is not interested in hanging around, and check out the "snacklebox" she made out of a tacklebox during the holidays to celebrate Fishmas!

6. Ron Griswell

Ron's Instagram is chock full of inspiring travel photos. We're in awe of this sunrise over the Blue Ridge Mountains! Check out Ron's Portland recommendations after spending time on Wy'east aka Mount Hood.

7. Ann-Marie

Ann says she is "A girl in a nylon mansion." She means a tent! We were hooked on her hilarious antics from the moment we read her Instagram bio. Check out Ann's ice fishing adventure in knee-deep snow and follow along with her quick workout that'll help you carry a heavy pack!

8. Eeland Stribling

Eeland Stribling is stoked on marine life. Eeland's Instagram handle is @blacksteveirwin and it's no wonder, with their excitement and love of wildlife! We love when Eeland shares facts about creatures like the sea star above. They often make us laugh (and have even tried their hand at stand-up comedy!) including with this post about how they're not actually fishing in any of their many fishing photos.

9. Ashley White

Ashley is often on the water and has been training to become a fishing guide who champions stewardship. We love Ashley's post on imposter syndrome while trying to balance bing a gentleman and a lumberjack. Add your weird weather sayings to this list of funny one-liners Ashley hears living in Minnesota.

10. Chelsea Murphy

Chelsea decided this is the year she'll go snowboarding multiple times and says she is finally feeling finding joy on her board! We love her post about checking your bias when it comes to Black people and the outdoors.

11. Erin

Erin perfectly sums up our feelings on end-of-year "what I've listened to" lists (Why?!) and includes a valuable recommendation that could help you get to sleep! Many people can relate to that time Erin stood in line to get a picture that makes it look like there is no one else around.

Feature image of Ann-Marie.

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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